23rd July 2024
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The Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere has called on Christians to leaverage on the hope rekindled by the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and believe that the coming days shall be better than the present.
The Deputy Governor made the admonition during a special service to commomerate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ at the Anglican Chapel of Praise, Lake Melinda, Achi-Mbieri local government area of Imo State.
In a soul lifting message, Madumere charged Christians to work with faith, urging them never to yield to mere discouraging words of hopelessness. He challenged them to be diligent in work and pray without season, saying that he has always risen above his challenges by God’s abundance grace relating his experience to the hopeless situation man found himself before the coming our Lord Jesus Christ. He went ahead to give his personal experience with God and how he saved him.
His words; “It does not matter what they tell you. Do not beleive them because our Lord Jesus Christ said that it is well with you. Say it loud that is well with you.
“Have you not wondered how I survived and won my battles. It was not money. It was not because of physical strength or military might. God gave me a message. That message is that His Grace is sufficient for me. That mountain before me; that mountain of impeachment; that mountain of assassination; that mountain of death was removed… Not by might but by the Spirit says the Lord of host. We all have mountains or challenges but with the remembrance of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and reason for his birth, you will be victorious… Say Amen!”
Meanwhile, speaking on the state of the polity, he gave words of hope that the country is undergoing some positive changes, which will soon manifest. His words: “Most of you are disheartened and disillusioned. Some are even confused. Some are  even asking questions here and there? When every movement seem to have grounded to a halt. So slow. No action anywhere. Don’t worry. Our Lord is at work. Just be faithful, patriotic and do that which you are supposed to do and wait upon the Lord. What is happening is a sign of sanity that will overtake this land. The Lord Jesus is about to deliver our people from abject poverty, impunity, greed and familiocracy. A worker deserves his wages. Stealing from the sweat of the poor is abomination. Surely, we shall step into the New Year  with a New song. A song of victory.”
Earlier in his sermon titled “Be not Afraid”, Venerable Dr. James Onyekwelibe, called on Christians not to live in fear, saying that those who walk in darkness have seen a great light and those living in the land of Shadow of death a light has dawned. He said that such is happening because a child who is a son of God is given and that government will be on his shoulders. He continued that he will be called Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.
He assured that God rules and that is why no one can certainly proclaim a thing against the children of God and it will stand.
The Bible Reading from Isaiah Chapter 9:2,6 and 7 was taken by the wife of the Deputy Governor of the state, Princess Chioma Eze-Madumere while the communion service was superintendend by the Chaplain of Chapel of Praise, Venerable Dr. Sunday Iherue.
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