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NewsTrack ‘PERSONALITY’: I chose teaching profession to help poor children – Miss Oluchi Echerue

In a bid to inspire every strata of the society, NewsTrack Nigeria has conceived a creative idea of snitching out those who have inspired and influenced their immediate environment positively.

Role Modelling and mentorship should be encouraged because of their far reaching influence on the younger generation. We must not allow mediocrity and lacklustre misdeeds to become adorable.

That said, NewsTrack promises not to disappoint you by ensuring that personalities that will make our platform must have worth the set principles.

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It is imperative that we also make it clear that what we seek might necessarily mean money-success but passion laced with determination and requisite attitude towards bringing about a desired positive change.

It means that the personalities cut across every human endeavour; entrepreneurship, professionalism, commerce and industry, Public Service and Governance. Hence in some occasions, when we present to you a personality, you must be blind to the sex, age, background, popularity or notoriety but the subject for which we present about such personality.

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In line with this philosophy to motivate, inspire and influence both old and young rightly, we shall try to always make a presentation to you periodically to assuage the thirst of our numerous loyal audience and readers.

Always keep a date with us and we promise to make it exciting with human angle stories and appeal.
When we distilled this idea, we chose not to go far for our take-off. For week long, we had to search through the Facebook snap-chats and story boxes. We discovered that what most of our girls do is rather to celebrate their beauty, fashion and in most cases, their sex-appeal. Expressing oneself is good as some derive satisfaction by their endowment. The question is, how has that affected the society?

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We found a beautiful young teacher by name, Oluchi Echerue, who is very young and beautiful but derives pleasure in proudly letting the world know how proud she is being a teacher. She lives this dream. During the holidays, she also organised a holiday lesson, calling on parents to bring their children not just for teaching of outlined subjects in the curriculum, but to groom them on how to be better obedient and well behaved children.

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She added that they would still be allowed to play under careful observance. In most of her snap-chats, it has always been Oly-Teacher, proudly a teacher.

Education: She studied English and Literary Studies in Imo State University, Owerri, Imo State
Hobbies: She loves reading inspirational books and writing novels!
Dislike: bad odour
Currently a teacher
This fair complexioned pretty damsel wishes to become an educationist and school owner in the future.
She said this dream is not unconnected with her passion to be of great help to all those children who aren’t privileged to attend good schools probably because of financial challenge or any other want.

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It most encouraging to find Oluchi’s personality in this age where most young people abhor and detest teaching profession. It is even more worrisome that this dislike for teaching is more loudly found among education graduates. A situation that invokes fear of the future of Nigerian children when such people eventually take up teaching either due to lack of jobs or other challenges they could not subdue.

We at Newstrack Nigeria say Congratulations to Miss Oluch Echerue!

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