14th July 2024
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My fellow Bayelsans, I pray my letter meets you and yours in fantastic spirit. It has almost become a tradition for me to write, or openly express my views to you periodically on political issues; since about 2007. I always choose to write to you in this manner, in moments of great concern and uncertainty such as this, because these words must be kept for posterity. It is not easy to write to mixed people much respected ,powerful and revered as you all. You are a People of Destiny, and miracles. Our History as a people is a fairy-tale .A real grass to grace story that many applaud and seek to emulate. We are a people of very kind and generous heart. Exceptionally brilliant and smart and everyone, including our foes , admit and acknowledge that fact.

Politics is indeed a delicate and dangerous game, and we Bayelsans are much more astute. We must not allow Politics divide us as a people and change our vision. We are all bouyed by the Philosophy of “Bayelsa for greater height”. And we know that demands sacrifice for the Bayelsa state we all envision. I believe this is one sacrifice that is necessary to make. It is difficult but very much possible to make as a people. As we march down to the poll on November 16,2019 to elect a Governor that will carry the burden of our vision and turn our dreams of Bayelsa for greater height into reality. At this point, we must apply the saying of the elders that says, ” A good road is followed several times”. We have been on a beautiful voyage as a people under Governor Seriake Dickson creating a new roadmap and gargantuan master plan for modern Bayelsa. We had survived many challenge as a people being well led by Governor Seriake Dickson and we are at the climax of the development of our land. Yes, our unusual sagacity and prescience had brought us the fortunes we are enjoying so far under Seriake Dickson but it is time to go extra mile as a people and get another bearing right by moving FORWARD TOGETHER as a people in futility in ensuring will follow the good road we know. To whom much is given much is expected and we as a people can not down play the goodness of the restoration team led by Seriake Dickson in our lives. It will be too expensive as a people to go on a path we are not sure of the driver but certainly knows the vehicle is wonky, weird and whimsical.

Wisdom demands we trust someone who had gone through a good and credible process to emerge as a Party flag bearer. Homeliness and comeliness demands that we as a people should support and give our mandate to a man that has a reputable and respected political family to become the next Governor of Bayelsa. As a people we can only lean our future on someone with integrity and had shown us clearly the compass to prosperity. It is proper to trust the leaders chosen one and a man who connects directly with the ordinary man in the streets of Bayelsa. If indeed we are grateful as a people bound in one love, we should trust the man whose primary vision is to build a Bayelsa state where optimizing security, consolidate on the existing legacies of the restoration government and well initiate sound policies and programmes that will take us to our greater height.

We all understand how deep politics is. And we must go deep as a united people to ensure we follow a global practice yardstick anchored on creativity, financial Prudence, dignity , balance and capacity to elect the next Governor. And the blunt truth starring us as a people on the face is that Senator Diri Douye is the only contestant that has beaten our reach. His antecedents, his peaceful emergence as party flag bearer, his vision and mission for us as a people is completely unprecedented. Haven’t emerged from a violence free and non controversial primary, delivered exceptionally as a federal lawmaker, birthed from a respected and reputable political family, chosen by an outstanding driver of our state for eight years in person of Governor Seriake Dickson, the vision career of the FORWARD TOGETHER mantra, a typical definition of Niger Delta son who had shown ability and capacity to lead us to the Bayelsa of our dream. Diri Douye had been tested and trusted. A leader par Excellent and hope of Prosperity. What else can we ask for and what else are we waiting for as a people bound in freedom?

Our Destiny is bound by the choice we make and our attitude towards that choice. Religious sentiment won’t help us now. Tribal attachment won’t do our vision any good. We on our own must prove balance, we must draw strength in our diversity and overcome our adversity at a time like this. We must confront our political monsters with clear head of purpose and fulfil destiny so they don’t take our heritage. A good turn deserves another and if standing for Governor Seriake Dickson over the years had been a good turn then we should stand for Senator Diri Douye as another to appreciate ourselves as a people.

Life is too Short and very expensive to gamble with. Bayelsa is our home and we have made our land the Glory of all land, we can’t afford to loose our heritage to a wonky choice.

We are all besieged to come out enmass and exercise our sovereign right in peace on November 16,2019 and speak out in one voice through the ballot that we are good with the restoration family and we don’t want a change of family in creek havens,Yenagoa. Let’s go and play our part and win with Senator Diri Douye.

By Allison Abanum

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