14th July 2024
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Churches should close early for Obaseki’ anniversary, CAN orders

Churches should close early for Obaseki’ anniversary, CAN orders

Osagie Otabor, Benin


The Edo State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has ordered all churches in the state to close service early on November 10th 2019 to join in the denomination service for the 3rd year anniversary of Governor Godwin Obaseki.

It said the church must continue to stand with Governor Obaseki because his election was done not by the politics of men.

The Edo CAN commended what it termed the oneness and unity of purpose existing between Governor Obaseki and his Deputy, Hon Philip Shaibu.

Chairman of Edo CAN, Bishop Oyonude Kure, who spoke in Benin City at CAN’s 2019 plenary session said the good working relationship was evident of the fear of God in Obaseki and Shaibu and the desire to take Edo to greater heights against all odds and criticism.

Bishop Kure urged them not to relent in their unfeigned commitments to the wellbeing of the state and urged Governor Obaseki to personally go out for routine inspection and supervision of ongoing projects across the state.

Kure noted that through personal inspection of projects Governor Obaseki would have first-hand information on the quality of work being done by the executors of the projects.

Bishop Kure demanded Governor Obaseki to build an ecumenical Christian Centre for the body of christ to serve as a rallying point for all Christians in the state.

According to him, “No force can uproot Obaseki except the force stronger than God. Obaseki is God’s servant in government. Darkness will continue to enter the ground for Obaseki. The church must continue to stand with him.”

On his part, Governor Obaseki said he became governor to change situation of things in Edo State

Governor Obaseki said his philosophy is to work and not to do talk.

Obaseki vowed to ban the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) from doing any project in the state without clearance because many roads washed away recently were done by the NDDC.

He said he did not meet any developmental plan but he planned to leave a 30-year plan so that future generation could demand for it.

“The fight you are seeing is that those I sacked are the ones fighting back. They are the ones that said they will make Edo ungovernable for me. They are preaching bitterness and practising evil.

“You have seen that despite the fact we are earning less, we are doing more. I will not take government money for personal use. I told them if they want to kill me let them kill me. That money is for all of us. I want to do more for the people.

“We have witnessed unprecedented peace in Edo. Before we came, this state was captured by thugs, agberos and hooligans. I have to take drastic measures against them. Oredo that used to make N5m now make N80m in IGR.

“People may not remember that before my inauguration, you could not build a house in Bénin. I know that for the better part of 15 years, you cannot drive through Bénin City because people have sold road to traders.

“I said things must be done right. If you are not a state functionary, you cannot collect revenue. Since I ban the agberos, you have seen peace

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