12th July 2024
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By Timothy Nwachukwu

The Immediate past deputy Governor of Imo State and an All Progressive Congress (APC) Stalwart Prince Eze Madumere has called on Nigerians to eschew hate and violence as the diversity of the country should be a blessing, calling for its utilization for the progress of the country.

In a statement made available to newsmen, Prince Madumere stated that there is need for empathy and inter-culturally sensitive environment so aa  to improve social contact and inter-group relations.

He called for a unifying national values and symbols that will bring together diverse people under a single umbrella of a national identity, thereby making the country more cohere.

Prince Eze Madumere decried the staring reality that our national values, aspirations and their accompanying symbols are progressively losing their meaning among Nigerians.

He observed that the national anthem and pledge mean little or nothing to many as some youths have remixed it to form lyrics of mockery. He noted that this gradual erosion of national identity is a crucial point for re-building faith and belief in the country.

Prince Eze Madumere noted that The problems that create misunderstandings, lack of trust, low acceptance of heterogeneity, violence, terrorism, negative conflict, unbridled greed for material wealth, corruption, violations of human dignity and human rights are multiplying day-by-day and Nigeria today is at cross roads with many de-stabilizing flashpoints jeopardizing the peace within the nation.

In his entreaties, he said: “it’s high time Nigerians close ranks and appreciate our various multicultural language and religious differences and utilize it for the development of the country in all ramifications.

” I must commend President Mohammadu Buhari for his effort so far to tackle the hydra headed monsters of corruption, ineptitude, economic sabotage and more especially the reinvigoration of ‘we can do it spirit’, which is gradually bringing about self sufficiency and belief in the capacity of the country.”

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