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NPA Generates N172.285bn In Six Months, After Hurtful Squeeze From Tears, Blood Of Poor Nigerians


Following inhuman import duties on struggling Nigerians, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) boasted it has generated a revenue of N172,285,626,312.00 from its operations in the first half of 2022.

The Authority also said N78,496,966,862.20 has been remitted to the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) of the federation within the same period.

These were contained in a half-year 2022 operational report released by the Managing Director of the Authority, Mr. Mohammed Bello Koko.

Koko said: “The Authority generated total revenue of N172,285,626,312.00 and remitted to the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) with the sum of N78,496,966,862.20.

Giving a breakdown of the money remitted, Koko said: “A breakdown of the figure indicates that N50,255,925,779.20 represents cash remittances, the compulsory deduction of 25% of revenue generated and other sundry payments for the absolute period of January-June 2022.”

He added that the remaining sum of N28,241,041,083.00 relates to the remittance concerning other periods.”

Koko described the performance of the authority as encouraging amidst global economic and inflation crises.

According to him: “Global economic and inflation crises, global reduction in household incomes and purchasing power and scarcity of foreign exchange all of which has negatively affected business environment, affected government revenue and constrained expenditure.

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“The development in the port industry cannot be severed from the macro-economic environment with galloping inflation that has grossly reduced the disposable income of the households, the depreciating exchange rates that stifle business environment and the dwindling government revenue that constrains expenditure.

“In the face of these harsh macro-economic indices, the Nigerian Ports Authority has forged on to deliver port and harbour services to the teeming operators in the export and import businesses across the country.”

The NPA boss explained that the remittances indicate the operational performance of the ports.

According to him: “In the 1st half of 2022, a total of 1,992 ship calls were recorded and the aggregate of the Gross Registered tonnage (GRT) of vessels was 60,235,133 tons.

“The Authority achieved total cargo throughput of 38,672,392 metric tonnes and 849,175 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) of container traffic. Vehicle traffic handled, during the period under review, was 132,543 units.

“Also, the average turn-around-time (TAT) of vessels, indicating port efficiency, stood at 5.16days. This is an improvement and we are strategising to perform better in the second half of the year.”

Koko while noting that port represents the yardstick
to measure the pulse of the economy added that it remains the gateway of the national economy.

“The Authority remains committed to providing improved services to increase efficiency at the ports that impact on higher revenue generation and economic growth of the nation.”

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Meanwhile the revenue is not unconnected with draconian policy of imposing hurtful charges against Nigerian businessmen, including those who import equipments for distribution of their goods and services.

This has added to the untold hardship against Nigerian populace as service providers pass these duties on the final consumers.

While Government discusses impacts of its policies on the populace, the Nigerian Customs are naively talking about profits.

Most businesses are gasping for breath, including Bakers, Transporters and other service providers who are crying foul yet those behind these draconian policies are smiling on the tears and blood of Nigerians.

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“As at today, fairly used Sienna Toyota bus that used to be cleared for N500, 000 to N700,000 is now going for N1.5 million. The question is how much would they sell such vehicles to the motorists and probably families. It shows how irresponsible and irresponsive some of these agencies can be”, one Aminu said in reaction.

When NewsTrack spoke to a Nigerian American, Judith, who has been bringing in consumables for Charity, especially materials for poor students and high flying ones, she expressed sadness over the hike in clearing of goods at Nigerian Ports, saying; ” My brother, I can no longer carry it. I bring these consumables as my own contribution to my Nigerian brothers and sisters who are poor.

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“I bring in cans of milk, school bags, books, suits for job seekers and sometimes buses for motorists. I can no longer do that because it is too expensive fro me. I live in the U.S and my Children as well. So, what is it that I am looking for if not to look for other country men and women.

“Your Nigeria has become an estate to some opportunist who found themselves in position of authority. The do a lot of things and I do not want to believe they are doing it to hurt some part of the country. Let them sit and review their policies before some of us can continue with our window’s might to help less privileged ones”, she concluded.

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Another Lady of Charity, the founder of Oneness Foundation, Tabitha Price is also crying foul over the hardship in Nigeria, saying that she pays through the nose to send in items for the orphans and homes but can hardly do that for obvious reasons of unaffordability of the duties.

She revealed that even tomatoes she brought for the poor were taken away. “I take my time to buy these things for donations and my heart bleeds when they are seized and not utilised for the purpose they are brought into the country”, For I can only do what is possible and I can’t force Nigerian government against their policies. I was born here in Nigeria and I feel I naturally have to patriotic, especially at this period of economic stagnation”, she enthused.

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From our investigation, Customs may have generated their humongous revenue but it was squeezed out from the tears and blood of Nigerians.

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