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Breaking News: Japan Pecks Off Spanish Eyes At 2022 World Cup With 2 – 1


The surprises of World Cup 2022 are far from over as the giant killers Japan has again humiliated star studded Spain.

The Spanish side opened scoring at the 11th minute with A Morata’s header sending the Japanese keeper to the grass scrambling for a ball that had already beaten him.

Into the 48th minute, Japan replied with a stunning strike from R. Doan, levelling up with the Spanish side.

Just two minutes after equalising the Spanish goal, in the 51st minute Tanaka scored again after a controversial pull out from a goal line, which seemed to have crossed the line. After a few seconds waiting, the Referee declared it was a goal.

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After that goal, Spain met a tireless defense of Japan that proved to be an impregnable rock of Gibraltar.

After 90 minutes with seven minutes extra time, Japan prevailed.

Japan now tops the group with 6 points and Spain trailing behind as the second in the group with 4 points.

Meanwhile, Costa Rica and Germany crashed out of the group of 16 party after a Wow game that ended on 4:2 with Germany leading the pack.

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