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Seventh-Day Adventist Devotional For Children: “Attributes Of A Christian”



Sunday, August 27, 2023

Topic: Attributes Of A Christian .

Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering;….. “. Col. 3:12,13.

Right from the time of Abel, the children of God have always been separated from the children of the opposer. God chose Israel for Himself and sanctified and separated them from the children of disobedience.
In the time of Jesus Christ, we can see how He lived His life. He was full of forgiveness, mercy, kindness, long-suffering, humbleness, meekness; He did not live a life of quarrel, He was full of love ( Charity). All these attributes are expected of us as Christians.
The word ” Christian” Is not just a name but character. Christian simply means Christ-like which is Christ resemblance. Someone that looks like Christ, not in terms of body shape, complexion or height but behavior.
The word Christian was first given to the disciples of Christ in Antioch, see Acts 11:26.
This was because the people saw the true character of Christ being manifested in them.
It’s not enough to bear the name Christian, you need to live the complete character of Christ.
Is there anyone that doesn’t/ can’t forgive? It’s very bad if there is! You cannot be forgiven when you’ve not forgiven those that have wronged you. Do not live a life of quarrel, it’s not proper for a child of God to live such life. The Bible says put on all these qualities of Christ. It means that it should be like a cloth to you, just the way you cannot stay without wearing clothes, you should not also stay without these qualities.
Remember you’re a light, and wherever light is, that’s where all concentration will be. In other words, people are looking at you to see the character of Christ.
Christ loves us so much and He wants the best for us, that’s why He said we should be like Him in every thing, whether as a child, youth or adult.
It’s very Important to know that our character preaches more than our words because that’s what the people want to see, the true life of Christ in our lives.

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Thoughts for reflection. .
If people can come to the knowledge of Christ through our character, then what kind of life are we supposed to live?

Song :
We’ll bring Him hearts that love Him,
We’ll bring Him thankful praise,
And young souls meekly striving
To follow in His ways:
And these be the treasures
We offer to the King,
And these are gifts that ever
The poorest child may bring.

Prayer .
Father God in heaven, we plead for forgiveness, we have been living a life that doesn’t reflect your character, please forgive us and help us live just as You lived, so that our lifes will be a message to those that don’t know you,. For we ask in Christ’ name, Amen.

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