23rd July 2024
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IMO GUBER 2023: Okorocha – Uzodimma Truce A Smokescreen As Okorocha, Ararume Support Groups Endorse PDP’s Standard Bearer, Anyanwu 

IMO GUBER 2023: Okorocha – Uzodimma Truce A Smokescreen As Okorocha, Ararume Support Groups Endorse PDP’s Standard Bearer, Anyanwu 

The newly Inaugurated National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Engr. Abdullahi Ganduje’s effort to reconcile Governor Hope Uzodimma and his estranged predecessor, Mr. Rochas Okorocha may have ended in futility.

The development came to the fore during the inauguration ceremony of the Samuel Anyanwu and PDP Governorship Campaign Council in Owerri on Tuesday.

The altercation between Uzodimma and Okorocha started immediately Uzodimma emerged as the Governor of Imo State through most Controversial ruling of the Supreme Court.

Uzodimma who had a rejection of the people found in Okorocha a political Scape goat to gain some legitimacy from the people of the state who had suffering terribly under Okorocha’s merciless plundocarcy.

With this effort to gaining legitimacy, established diverted funds were recovered and handed over to Uzodimma’s government, even though the government has yet to come open on what the recovered loots were invested.

Efforts at various levels for settlement fell like a pack of cards, thereby drawing an eternal battle between the two. Some have described the politicians eternal warfare as the battle of the foxes.

This is the reason pundits had predicted that the most recent truce negotiated by the APC National Chairman, Ganduje was a mere smokescreen.

NewsTrack Nigeria (newstrack.com.ng) can authoritatively confirm that the former Governor Okorocha’s Support groups and erstwhile Senator, Chief Ifeanyi Ararume endorsed the standard bearer of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the forthcoming November 11, 2023 gubernatorial election.

Their support for PDP was echoed during the official inauguration of Anyanwu’s campaign council at the PDP secretariat, Owerri, yesterday.

Okorocha’s Rescue Mission structure, and the Destiny Organization, another support group led by Araraume, unanimously endorsed Anyanwu’s candidacy, while pledging their support for his campaign. 

Hon. Emma Buka, who led the Rescue Mission, said that it was time for Imo people to come together to build the Imo of their collective dreams. 

He pledged his unwavering support for Anyanwu and the PDP in the November 11 governorship election in the state. 

On their  part , the Destiny Organization led by Dr Onunwa Harold-Wilson, said that Anyanwu’s antecedents were the reason behind the group’s decision to support his candidature. 

He assured Imo people that having come together as a block, they would ensure Anyanwu’s victory at the polls. 

With the development, the inference that Uzodimma may be facing an unimaginable political ambush in the forthcoming election cannot be more valid.

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