12th July 2024
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Hunger: Tinubu Sleeps As Nigeria Burns, Ibadan Residents Join Protests Over High cost Of Living

Hunger: Tinubu Sleeps As Nigeria Burns, Ibadan Residents Join Protests Over High cost Of Living

Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his Lagos boys have continued to show extreme cluelessness and they seem to have no answer to the sinking ship of the Nigerian state, even as he pretends to be engaging the present economic milieu.

Residents of Ibadan, the capital territory of Oyo State of Nigeria, Monday, against ethnic sentiments took to the streets to protest the extreme poverty, the high cost of living, rooftop prices of food and other commodities, sky rocking inflation following to the worsening economic situation in the country.

Caption: Protesters in Ibadan on Monday [PHOTO CREDIT: Photos taken by Fasilat Oluwuyi]

Ibadan is the latest among other recent protests in the country. Recall the people of Niger State, Kano, Plateau, Sokoto, Osun and Delta States have all protested over the same nagging problem of hunger, starvation and amid these worsening situations, police brutality, which the Delta youths protested.

Caption: Some of the protesters in Ibadan with placards with various inscriptions yesterday [PHOTO CREDIT: Photos taken by Fasilat Oluwuyi]

The residents reportedly gathered at Mokola area of Ibadan early on Monday, staging a peaceful protest. They were seen chanting songs and carrying placards with various inscriptions. The protest had no age brackets as bother young and old go to the same market.

Some of the inscriptions read: “No more Emilokan,’ ‘End bad governance,’ ‘End food hike now,’ ‘Mr. President, this is not the hope,’ ‘Insecurity is not our birthright,’ ‘Open border,’ and ‘End hardship,’ among others.

The protest was done amid a heavy presence of police personnel.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has also given an ultimatum to the federal government to address the pervasive hardship in the country decisively or risk a two-day national protest on 27 and 28 February later this month.

Meanwhile, in the recent emergency meeting at the Presidential villa, Abuja, at the instance of President Tinubu, it was a sheer show of blinds leading the blinds as no clear cut policies were reached to solve the stagnating situation.

Among other things, the meeting resolve to visit various stalls, warehouses where there may be hoarding to release food items. This even as President Tinubu insists on not importing food.

This stance has brought absolute backlash as the farmlands are under siege by the insurgents, which Nigeria government is yet to find any clue as to how to end these acts of terrorism.

More so, the mono economy hinged on Crude Oil has also collapsed with corruption taking the fron seat. There is transparency as to how much foreign exchange is brought into the country with Nigeria National Petroleum Limited withholding the receipt of whatever forex it receives from the trade. Though, there was a recent public announcement of the resolve of the Petroleum Company to remit its forex in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Emilokan undoubtedly was never ready for the Office of the Presidency. Those making excuses with Muhammadu Buhari’s immediate past government are only selling under illusion.

Like he did in Lagos State, governance is not all about awarding of contracts to make billions from the tax payers money, it is beyond that. It’s about security and welfare of the people. Little wonder, our President only discusses contracts that will take away our resources. What is our balance of trade? What is our production ratio?

Bayo Onanuga, Tinubu’s attack dog has recently done his dirty jon as usual of plastering Nigeria as a poor country. Who stole it into bankruptcy with Tinubu flying with over 1500 delegates to a mere diplomatic functions?

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