19th July 2024
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How 13-Year-Old Boy Crashed Lamborghini Worth $500,000 During Test-Drive

How 13-Year-Old Boy Crashed Lamborghini Worth $500,000 During Test-Drive

A boy reportedly destroyed a Lamborghini after deceiving the auto dealer into believing he was old enough to drive, then taking it on a joyride with his friend

The vehicle’s owner apparently failed to ask any questions about the teen’s age or license status before handing over the keys.

The youngster was travelling at 62mph when they lost control amid dark and rainy conditions on the Trans-Canada Highway

The owner was in the process of selling the Huracán model sports car when he handed over the keys to the teen and his friends.

Police said the owner failed to ask any questions about their age or licenses before they set out on March 25.

The youngster was thought to have been doing 62mph amid dark and rainy conditions when they lost control of the vehicle.

They then plowed into a ditch off the Trans-Canada Highway in West Vancouver.

Police said the teen was not being charged with theft as the owner had permitted them to use the vehicle, which was in the midst of a sale process that would take a few days.

‘We do not believe that the registered owner was aware of the true age of this young person, or that they were unable or were not licensed to drive in British Columbia,’ West Vancouver Police Sgt. Chris Bigland told North Shore News.

‘It does not appear that the registered owner maybe asked an extra couple of questions to establish that this was a wise choice.’

The 13-year-old has been charged with speeding, driving without due care, failing to remain at the scene of a crash and driving without a license.

The teen has been charged under the Motor Vehicle Act which means the matter will not go to court unless they choose to dispute the tickets. The owner is not facing any charges.

A report was submitted by police to Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to determine how any claims could proceed.

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