12th July 2024
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Seventh-Day Adventist Devotional For Children: “Listening To God’s Voice”

Seventh-Day Adventist Devotional For Children: “Listening To God’s Voice”



Monday, April 29, 2024

Title: Listening to God’s Voice

Behold, I will watch over them for evil, and not for good and all the men of Judah that are in the land of Egypt shall be consumed by the sword and by the famine, until there be an end of them. Jeremiah 44:27

Do you know what happens when we don’t listen to our parents or teachers? We might get into trouble or hurt ourselves. It’s the same with God. When we don’t listen to His voice or follow His rules, bad things can happen.

In Jeremiah 44:27, God is warning the people of Judah who are living in Egypt. They have forgotten about God and are worshiping other gods instead. God is saying, “I will watch over them, but not to protect them, because they have disobeyed me.”

Just like our parents want the best for us, God wants the best for us too. But when we disobey Him, we put ourselves in danger.

God is a loving God, but He is also a just God. He is a loving Father, but He gets angry when we disobey Him and do wrong things again and again. Before He gets angry, He always gives us a chance to say sorry and change our ways. But if we don’t listen, His anger comes, and He lets us face the consequences of our actions, and it’s not pleasant.

Remember the story of the big flood that covered the whole earth? Or the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah that were destroyed? These were times when God’s anger came because people didn’t listen to Him.

God wants us to listen to His voice and follow His rules so that we can be safe and happy. What can we do?

  • Listen to God’s voice through the Bible and prayer.
  • Obey His rules and commands.
  • Trust that God wants the best for us.

Remember, God loves you so much! He wants you to be safe and happy. So, let’s make a choice to listen to His voice and follow His rules.

Thought for Reflection :
“God loves us so much that He wants us to obey Him, and He will always forgive us when we say sorry and try to do better.

Today make a commitment to listen to God’s voice and do what He says. If you make a mistake, say sorry and ask for forgiveness.”

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
was blind, but now I see.

Prayer :
“Dear God, help me to remember that You love me. Help me to listen to Your voice and follow Your rules. I want to be safe and happy, and I know You want the best for me. Forgive me when I do wrong and help me to obey You. Thank You for Your love and mercy, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.”

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