13th July 2024
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Seventh-Day Adventist Devotional For Children: “Testing Our Ways”

Seventh-Day Adventist Devotional For Children: “Testing Our Ways”



Saturday, May 4, 2024

Title: Testing Our Ways

Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.” Lamentations 3:40

Have you ever wondered about making good choices and following the right path? Sometimes it can feel like a big challenge, right?

In Lamentations 3:40, it says, “Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.” This verse is like a flashlight guiding us through a dark tunnel. It reminds us to think about our choices and to always come back to God, no matter what.

The person talking In Lamentations is Jeremiah, a prophet who really cared about his people. He saw them going through hard times, but he also saw their hope. Just like when we watch a sad movie, we might cry, but we know there’s a happy ending. Jeremiah reminds us that even when life feels really tough, God still loves us. He’s like a superhero who never gives up on us, even when we mess up. When we say sorry and ask for His help, He’s always there to make things better. So, what can we learn from Lamentations?

First, it says, “Let us examine our ways.” Imagine you have a treasure map, and you need to make sure you’re on the right path to find the treasure. In life, examining our ways means thinking about the choices we make and if they lead us closer to good things or not-so-good things. It’s like checking our map to see if we’re going in the right direction.

Next, it says, “and test them.” Testing our ways is like trying out different paths on our treasure hunt. We might try one way and find it’s full of obstacles, but another way is smooth and clear. By testing our ways, we learn what works best and what doesn’t.

Lastly, it says, “and let us return to the Lord.” This is the most important part! No matter where our paths lead us, whether we make mistakes or take the right turns, we can always come back to God. He’s like our guide on the treasure hunt of life. When we return to Him, He helps us find our way back to the best path, the one that leads to true joy and happiness.

So, dear friend, as you go about your day, remember to examine your ways, test them out, and always come back to the Lord. We can remember to think about our choices, ask God for help, and never forget that He loves us no matter what. When we feel sad or scared, we can talk to Him, and He’ll listen. He’s with you every step of the way, helping you navigate this amazing adventure called life.

Remember, even in the darkest times, there’s always hope with God by our side!

Thought For Reflection
As we reflect on the message of Lamentations, we are challenged to examine our own lives and to consider where we may have strayed from God’s ways. Take a moment to reflect on your choices today. Are they leading you closer to goodness and joy? Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes. What matters most is that you keep trying your best and turning to God for guidance and also embrace the hope that can be found in God’s unwavering love and His desire to heal and restore His people.

I am thine O Lord I have heard thy voice and it told thy love to me
But I long to rise in the arms of faith and be closer drawn to thee

Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord
To the cross where thou has died
Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer blessed Lord
To thy precious bleeding side.

Dear God, thank you for always loving us. It is of your mercies that we are not consumed, your compassion is ever fresh on us to live for you a life filled with light of your glory. Thank you for being our guide and our constant companion on this journey of life. Help us to examine our ways, to test them, and always to return to You. Help us to remember to talk to You and ask for Your help when we need it. Give us the wisdom to make good choices and the courage to learn from our mistakes. Please give us hope and strength to face each day, knowing that You are always with us. Thank you for being our superhero who never gives up on us. May we trust in Your love and follow Your path with joy and confidence. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

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