15th July 2024

War Against Caste System: The Day National Human Rights Commission Honours HRH, Eze J.C Uwalaka With An Award

War Against Caste System: The Day National Human Rights Commission Honours HRH, Eze J.C Uwalaka With An Award

As Chief Okeke Thunders

In line with his astute stance against the “cast system” and other outlined inhuman practices as noted by the National Human Rights Commission, the IHI three of Umuihi Ancient Kingdom, Eze JC Uwalaka, was last Saturday conferred with the Ambassadorial Award of a “Revered Human Rights Defender”.

In his open address, President General Umuihi Town Union Federated, Chief Rex Ambrose N. Onyemara (Ph.D), expressed immense joy and gratitude to God Almighty on behalf of the great people of Umuihi Ancient Kingdom, for this awesome recognition bestowed on Eze Umuihi by National Human Rights commission (NHRC), citing the day as remarkably joyous one for Umuihi people.

The Award to Eze Umuihi opened a new chapter in Ihitte/Uboma for the emancipation of the people from the chains and bondages of dark ages past, as some of the Traditional Rulers present promised to relive the Umuihi experience in their separate communities

Also in her speech, the Executive Director of “Pillars of Hope Africa Initiative” (Partners in the Award), Mrs Chinyere Kalu, alludes it a remarkable day for Umuihi people to celebrate victory over injustice, inequality, subjugation, suppression, and the narrative of Man’s inhumanity to man. She further explained the collaboration over years between POHAI and the National Human Rights Commission in fighting against “Osu, Ohu, Ume, Diala caste system” through Programs and Strategic Advocacy, which has started yielding positive results as numerous Communities have began it’s abrogation. For this reason, Eze Reverend Jude C. Uwalaka is being Honored.

The Executive Secretary of NHRC, Chief Tony Ojukwu (SAN), who was ably represented, highlighted more on the Honor bestowed Eze Uwalaka, narrating the consequences of allowing the Caste System to keep thriving in the communities. He also stated that it is actionable and imprisonable if anyone is denied his or her fundamental Human right because of some queer inhuman traditional beliefs system.

In the same manner, the reverberating effort of a developmental agent, High Chief P.M.C OKEKE, Ogbuhere Uzo Nke Mbu N’ Umuihi, whose selfless efforts that continues to identify and amplify Umuihi in the world map via an overflowing philanthropic drive to humanity and his use of sports, especially football (Ave Maria F.C Isinweke) to empower and give hope to many youths in the land, continue to elicit overwhelming ovations…

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