19th July 2024
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Lion’s Den: Sordid  State Of University Of Nigeria Hostel Room

An X user Justus, who identifies as LordJustusN on X.com, has expressed dismay over the deplorable state of a hostel, Eni Njọkụ Hostel, in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Justus disclosed that he had visited the hostel to inspect the room his cousin was assigned to, only to be met with appalling conditions.

Sharing a video, he wrote, “My cousin is supposed to resume school at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). He paid for the hostel, and I went there today to check it out.

“This is what I saw. Eni Njọkụ Hostel. When I asked, they said it’s not swine that lives there. I don’t know who to curse, but u are cursed!

“Lol, let me shock you: when I got there to check the room for my cousin, it was locked, while others were opened.

“When I asked students from the adjacent room who provided the keys, they said it was locked because the room was for officials of the Student Union. Meaning it’s the best”

Reacting to this, several students and alumni shared their own horrific experience living in the hostel.

An X.com user, Urch d’ billionaire who tweets as #ruby_darl wrote, “I studied in UNN, and I can tell you for free that more than 80% of guys live off-campus because of boys’ hostels are a mess.

“That room you’re seeing might end up having up to 14 guys in it. I usually wondered how they survived those hostels.”

alZ, who tweets anonymously as #automatedLZ, wrote, “This one nah duplex nah compared to wetin I don see for that UNN.”

Emeka Ikeche, who writes as #EmekaIkeche, said, “Exactly how it was 13 years ago.”

Emma.Ai, who identifies as #EmarhNFT, wrote, “I remember when I wanted to gain admission into UNN Nsukka.

“I stayed with a friend in the hostel for two days, and I just told myself that nothing would ever make me study at this university.

“I purposely failed the entrance exam.”

Chidozie, who writes as #okorochidozie1 on X.com, said, “I agree with you. This is the worst hostel in UNN, especially the ground floor.

“In my first year, I lived there and knew what you were talking about. However, it’s worse now.

“I stayed in my room just a month and I left to stay with a friend on the 4th floor.

“We pimped the room, contributed money, changed the curtain, painted the room, and put a floor rug. We made it conducive to living in.

“You see those dilapidated rooms. It’s mainly first year students that stay there. Some rooms even have AC. UNN needs to do better concerning students’ welfare.”

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