16th July 2024
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Imo Charter Of Equity: Nda Bob Njemanze Calls On Owerri Zone To Support Okigwe Zone In 2027

Imo Charter Of Equity: Nda Bob Njemanze Calls On Owerri Zone To Support Okigwe Zone In 2027


As the debate on the charter of equity which provides for the rotation of the office of the governor of Imo State among the three zones in the state, namely: Orlu Zone, Owerri Zone and Okigwe Zone, continues, Prince Bob Njemanze of the Njemanze dynasty has cautioned his people of Owerri Zone not to ale a mistake about the 2027 governorship election which they will regret, even as he called on his people to jettison their quest to produce Governor Hope Uzodimma’s successor in 2027 and instead support Okigwe Zone to produce the governor.

Prince Njemanze made the call on Wednesday in an interaction at his residence in Owerri, saying that supporting Okigwe Zone to produce the governor of Imo State in 2027 would be a strategic move by Owerri Zone to actualize their own dream of producing the governor of the state once more. He added that the mistake of running for the office of the governor in 2027 is one his people cannot afford to make, stressing that they will live to regret making such a costly mistake.

He said: “Many people may not like the idea that as an Owerri man, I am not supporting my zone to produce the governor in 2027. As difficult as it may seem, the best we can do for our people is to look at things they way they are and tell them the truth. Only the truth can set free. It does not make sense that every time, we dissipate energy on the same governorship issue and come out bruised and regretting it. I am concerned as many people about Owerri Zone producing the governor once more, but we have to be strategic about it considering our peculiarities. We cannot afford to make the mistake of running for the office of the governor in 2027. If we do so, we will regret it.”

He explained that the issue of which zone should produce the next governor in 2027 is a serious matter that Owerri Zone must be careful and strategic about, adding that if treated carelessly, Owerri Zone stands a chance of losing out completely and forcing Okigwe Zone into an alliance with Orlu Zone.

Noting that Okigwe Zone is the shortest route for achieving Owerri Zone’s gubernatorial aspirations, Prince Bob Njemanze said that Okigwe Zone has a constitutional limitation to do one term and in turn support Owerri Zone to produce the governor four years after.

He said: “With 12 local government areas of Imo State in Orlu Zone, the people of the zone have a role to play in deciding who becomes the governor in 2027 and such should not be wished away.

“By 2028, Orlu Zone would have spent 24 years as governor since 1999, but Owerri Zone taking the slot in 2027 would mean that the zone would rightfully do eight years before handing over to Okigwe Zone which would in turn do eight years by that time. This route will elongate the matter for us in Owerri Zone because it will not get the needed support for Owerri Zone’s aspirations for the governorship.

“With its enormous advantages, Orlu Zone cannot wait for another 16 years or more to come back to office, considering that by virtue of the fact that Owerri Zone hosts the government house as the state capital with its attendant developmental benefits and exigencies, which the other zones are not getting because they are not the state capital.

“So, you can see that the matter is beyond the seat of the governor as it is more about the development of the zones. This permutation and others will most likely tilt Orlu Zone towards Okigwe Zone, and if Okigwe Zone produces the governor under these circumstances with Owerri Zone in opposition, you can imagine the fate of Owerri Zone.

“A more fearful scenario iin the cacophony that will emerge towards the tailend of the Uzodimma administration is that Okigwe Zone will aligh with Orlu Zone to produce the governor again. Therefore, the shortest route for Owerri Zone to attain the governorship again is by allowing Okigwe Zone to do its constitutionally limited one more term.

“It will be a lot easier for Orlu Zone to have the governorship revert after 12 years than wait for 16 years. I am afraid that the constitution will always outway any charter, whether for equity or inequity. This my take is strictly personal and should be considered as a right to express my view on the subject.

“How I wish even the seat of government will also rotate to enable some of us who are now displaced from our homes to equally seek refuge and apply for land in Orlu and Okigwe to develop for business or shelter.”

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