14th July 2024
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Husband’s Gambling Addictions Causes Wife To Seek Divorce

A housewife, Muinat Ibrahim on Thursday filed for divorce in an Area Court in Ilorin on grounds that her husband, Jamiu Abdulmumini has a gambling problem.

The petitioner told the court that she discovered her husband’s addiction to gambling immediately after their wedding and had tried all her best to make him stop.

“My husband sold our television set, fridge and my two Android phones to gamble.

“He also lost two commercial motorcycles and spent my school fees on gambling.

“I moved out of his house but returned after he promised to stop. He never stopped,” she said.

Ibrahim told the court that her husband moved out of their house to live with his parents when he could no longer get money from her.

The respondent, however, told the court that he was sorry and promised to change.

”I promise to stop gambling. Please give me another chance to make amends.

The presiding Judge, Hammad Ajumonbi, advised the respondent to stop gambling.

“If you continue gambling, you might lose everything you worked for, ” he said.

Ajumonbi, however, granted the plea of the respondent and gave him one week to change his behaviour.

He also asked him to pay back the money he owed his wife and be a responsible husband.

He adjourned the case until May 23, for a report of settlement.

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