16th July 2024
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Iran’s President, Others In helicopter crash,Remains Yet To Be Found

Iran is in turmoil as President Ebrahim Raisi remains missing following a helicopter crash in the East Azerbaijan province.

The helicopter, which suffered a “hard landing,” was carrying several high-profile officials, including Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabdollahian, East Azerbaijan Governor, Malik Rahmati, and the imam of Tabriz, Mohammed Ali Ale-Hashem.

Before the incident occurred near Iran’s border with Azerbaijan, Raisi was seen staring out of the aircraft window, which led to an immediate and extensive rescue operation.

Iran’s Interior Minister, Ahmad Vahidi, confirmed that multiple rescue teams have been dispatched to the area.

He said despite the deployment of at least 40 search teams on foot, including drones, the rescue efforts have been severely hampered by heavy fog and challenging weather conditions.

Two other helicopters traveling with the convoy managed to land safely, adding to the confusion and hope surrounding the search for the missing helicopter.

Conflicting reports emerged last night regarding the location and status of the helicopter, with initial sightings near the city of Jolfa and later reports placing the crash near Uzi and the mountainous Dizmar forest area.

 Vahidi said that the difficult terrain and poor visibility are making it challenging to establish contact with the crash site.

“It’s a complicated area, and making contact is difficult. We are waiting for teams to reach the area for more information,” he said.

 Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called on Iranians to pray for the missing leaders.

“Everyone should pray for the health of these people who are serving the Iranian nation. The nation doesn’t need to be worried or anxious as the administration of the country will not be disrupted at all,” Khamenei reassured in a post on X.

An Iranian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, expressed grave concern over the situation, stating that the lives of President Raisi and Foreign Minister Amirabdollahian were “in danger.”

Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi has died in a helicopter crash at age 63.

CNN confirmed his death, citing reports by Iranian news outlets.

According to the report, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian was also among those killed, along with seven others.

DAILY POST reported earlier that a helicopter carrying Raisi was involved in a hard landing while visiting a northern region and his condition is currently unknown.

His death comes on the heels of a fraught moment in the Middle East, with war raging in Gaza.

Iran’s government convened an “urgent meeting” on Monday, according to Iranian state news agency, IRNA.

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