16th July 2024
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Lagos State To Tackle Management and Distribution Of Essential Medicines Using LSEMA

Lagos State government has hinted of plans to establish the Lagos State Essential Medicines Agency (LSEMA) to ease the management and distribution of essential medicines within the state.

Commissioner for Health Prof. Akin Abayomi stated this during the ongoing ministerial press briefing to mark the first year of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s second term in office.

According to Prof. Abayomi, the initiative is also a response to the Federal Government’s mandate for every State to set up a Drug Management Agency (DMA) to combat drug scourge.

He said: “This agency is designed to address significant challenges in the supply chain by introducing a structured and technologically driven approach to the procurement, storage, and distribution of health commodities. The LSEMA is being established in response to the inefficiencies observed in the existing drug supply chain, which includes poor inventory management, inadequate staffing, and sub-optimal financial performance.

“The agency aims to overhaul this system by implementing a centralised framework that ensures the quality, availability, and timely delivery of health commodities across the state. A cornerstone of the agency’s strategy is the adoption of digital tools to enhance inventory management, streamline logistics, and improve the tracking of drugs.

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