16th July 2024

Adekunle Gold Shares Story Behind ‘Damn Delilah’ Album,Showing Regret

Singer Adekunle Gold has expressed regret over writing a song about his ex-girlfriend who broke his heart.

The song, “Damn Delilah,” featured on his debut album “About 30,” captures his feelings of heartbreak.

In celebration of the album’s sixth anniversary, the singer shared the album cover on his X handle on Sunday, May 27, with the caption: “Happy 6th Anniversary to my beautiful piece of Art. About30.”

A fan then reposted it with the caption: “Delilah will never forget this album”,

“She passed. Sometimes I feel bad for making that record,” Adekunle Gold replied.

“Pls tell us the full story,” a curious fan implored the singer.

Adekunle Gold wrote: “You people. I have told the story many times. Anyway, I was in a relationship with a girl who had a boyfriend (I didn’t know). Me I don fall, but the babe dey plays me. Long story short, one Saturday morning, I got a threatening call from a random guy saying I should back off, I should never speak to his woman again. I called the babe immediately, she don block me everywhere. Lol. I got so heartbroken and made Damn Delilah.”

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