19th July 2024

Kogi Indigenes Call For Due Process In Yahaya Bello’s Case

Some concerned Kogi indigenes under the auspices of the Kogi Youth Leaders Forum, have warned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) against allowing embittered and desperate ethnic jingoists to lead them astray in the case against former Governor Yahaya Bello.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, the chairman of the forum, Benjamin Oguche, noted that those still calling for Bello’s arrest in the face of an ongoing court process, were either uninformed or out to rubbish the image of EFCC while pursuing their prolonged vendetta mission.

The indigenes stated that since the allegation of corruption against Bello became public, some persons who are afraid of losing at the polls have sponsored their tribesmen to maliciously impugn Bello’s character.

The Kogi Youth Leaders Forum expressed concern that the EFCC’s collaboration with those individuals will rubbish the commission’s image and perpetuate the ethnic struggle.

They noted that the ongoing court process should be allowed to run its course without interference from external forces.

The group also condemned the recent protests in the UK, Lagos, and Abuja, which they believe are bankrolled by individuals with a sinister plan to suppress the fundamental rights of others.

The Kogi indigenes expressed confidence in the judiciary and urged the EFCC to disregard the propaganda of ethnic agents and focus on diligent prosecution.

They warned against allowing ethnic bitterness and hatred to divide the state and perpetuate injustice.

The group called for unity and peaceful coexistence among all ethnic groups in the State.

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