14th July 2024
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Trump, Convicted On All 34 Count Charges,First US president To Be Found Guilty Of A Crime

Former President of the United States Donald Trump has expressed disgust over his conviction on all 34 counts bordering on falsifying business records in his historic criminal trial in New York.

Trump called the judgment a “disgrace” and attacked Judge Merchan, who presided over the case.

The judgment marked the first time a former or serving US president has been convicted of a crime and Trump is due to be sentenced on 11 July even as he faces a possible prison term, but legal experts said a fine is more likely.

In spite of the convictions and the dent in his spirited efforts to unseat current President Joe Biden in the November elections, Trump could still run for the election.

The court heard from 22 witnesses over six weeks, including Stormy Daniels, whose alleged sexual encounter with Trump was at the centre of this case.

According to analysts, Donald Trump’s criminal conviction presents a remarkable collection of historic firsts.

He’s the first former or serving US president to be found guilty of a crime and the first presumptive major-party nominee to become a convicted felon as well.

While Trump plans his appeal in the hush-money case and awaits a sentence on 11 July that could in theory include prison time and a hefty fine, it’s not too early to consider the political fallout.

“We often look to history to find some kind of hint of what’s going to happen,” Jeffrey Engel, Director of the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University said.

“But there is nothing in the record that comes even close to this,” he added.

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