18th July 2024
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Imo State Diaspora Leadership Proffers Solution To End Incessant Accidents At Imo Varsity Junction

Imo State Diaspora Leadership Proffers  Solution To End Incessant Accidents At Imo Varsity Junction

Imo State Diaspora Leadership has expressed a deep concern over incessant reports of accidents at Imo State University Junction along Okigwe road, proffering solution to bring the calamitous incidents to a stop.

In a statement signed for the group by its President General, Engr. Sampson Ude, the group decried the painful deaths of innocent citizens whose lives were snugged out as a result of the trailer, which unfortunately rammed into mini buses at the ever busy junction, leading to a carnage.

They also commiserated both the bereaved families and the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodimma.

The statement reads:

On the 18th day of May 2024, our state was struck by an unimaginable tragedy when an accident happened at the State University junction popularly known as IMSU JUNCTION and claimed the lives of several individuals.

We extend our deepest condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. Words can’t adequately express our sorrow, but we assure you that you are not alone in this avoidable grief.

We pray that you find grace to bear the irreparable loss, even as we earnestly believe that their death will not be in vain. We pray for the repose of their souls.

The devastating incidents of deadly accidents at the IMSU junction have become a recurring decimal to the extent that our people are beginning to ask salient questions and it calls for answers. if actually those saddled with the responsibilities of public safety are not sleeping on their jobs, they should be called to question.

We say this because IMSU junction has had such cases in the past under successive governments and nothing sustainable was done to nip in the bud such deadly accidents.

While we commend Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma led government for its soothing response of undertaking to pick the hospital bills of the injured amongst other succur for those who lost their loved ones, we frown at the lack of emergency services, which of it were in place could have saved some lives.

We call on the Governor Uzodimma to investigate the reason as not even Fire Service or other security agencies were found at the scene except good Samaritans who elected to convey the wounded to the hospital.

While we mourn the loss of lives, we must also learn from this tragedy and work towards preventing such accidents in the future.

We propose the following measures:-

1. Improved Road Safety: Enhance road infrastructure, install safety features, and enforce strict traffic regulations, construction of flyovers in strategic places and providing motor parks where vehicles can drop and pick-up passengers to minimize the risk of accidents.

2. Vehicle Maintenance: Government should enforce regular vehicle inspections and maintenance to prevent mechanical failures that can lead to accidents.

3. Driver Education: Government should conduct regular awareness campaigns and training programs to educate drivers on safe driving practices.

4. Emergency Response: Government should enhance emergency response system to ensure swift and effective assistance in the event of an accident.

The accident has left us heartbroken, but we are grateful for the government’s swift response.
The government should make sure that the owner of the trailer is being taken to court, making sure the vehicle insurance company compensates the families affected.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost their loved ones.
Let us work together to prevent such tragedies and create a safer future for all.

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