16th July 2024
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Nigerian Railway Corporation Facilitates Plans To Move Cattle Via Rail

The Nigerian Railway Corporation has announced plans to facilitate the transport of cattle from the North to other regions of the country via rail.

This initiative, revealed on Wednesday, aims to enhance the movement of livestock across Nigeria.

The NRC Managing Director, Fidet Okhiria, shared these plans during an appearance on Channels Television’s The Morning Brief breakfast show.

He stated that the transportation of cattle and other goods will commence shortly, utilizing the Warri-Itakpe route.

Okhiria emphasized the NRC’s commitment to modernizing goods transportation within the country, stating, “so that when they come by road from the north, they can move them by rail to South-South Warri.”

He further detailed that 15 wagons specifically designed for livestock have been constructed and will be operational within the next month or two, starting from Itakpe to Warri to stimulate economic growth.

Okhiria underscored the broader economic benefits of this development, noting, “You are not developing transportation because you want to make profit in terms of naira and kobo but the profit will come indirectly if we can move goods and link cities.”

This announcement comes shortly after President Bola Tinubu declared the formation of the Ministry of Livestock Development to address ongoing conflicts between herders and farmers.

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