16th July 2024
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Basketmouth Clarifies His Shade At Wizkid As A Marketing Strategy

Comedian Basketmouth has clarified his recent shade aimed at Wizkid, stating it was a marketing tactic to generate buzz for his Canadian tour. 

During Davido and Chioma’s wedding, Basketmouth jokingly lamented the difficulty in promoting his tour due to the attention focused on the wedding, even overshadowing Wizkid’s social media drama. 

The comment sparked backlash from Wizkid’s fans, who threatened to “cancel” him. 

However, in a recent interview on Backstage Banter, Basketmouth revealed that his intention was to create a stir and get people talking, which ultimately worked in his favor. 

He assured that Wizkid is a friend and the shade was just a clever marketing move to generate attention.

He said: “Wizkid is my guy…that was a marketing technique. But I knew it was going to be edgy.

“I knew it was going to hit people. I knew they were going to get upset and they did exactly what I wanted them to do. It worked”.

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