21st May 2024
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Reading a recent statement credited to the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the embattled Governor of Imo State, Chief Rochas Okorocha, in his usual confused state and in another inglorious media tirade against  the Deputy Governor, one may wonder how a supposed image maker again inadvertently mocks his boss in such a disgraceful manner.
In the diatribe, Sam Onwuemeodo, the CPS in his tersely written lamentation titled: “Imo Politics: The Known Losers”, published in his news letter last Monday, November 19 edition, demonstrated his shallow mindedness, which only exposed himself and Chief Okorocha to public ridicule.
 Rather than consult Public Relations experts to help him find a subtle way to give his rain soaked boss a soft landing, Onwuemwodo has been labouring relentlessly in de-marketing the ‘guy’, borrowing the chief press secretary’s diction.
I had thought that Okorocha should have stopped digging when he is already in a ditch as advised by the then APC spokesman, Bolaji Abdulahi in June, 2018. Again, the National Chairman of the party Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has advised the Imo Governor to refrain from being a bad loser by accepting his defeat at the last APC primary elections.
It is really unbelievable that a self acclaimed media wizard does not have any inkling of the fact that our Governor has been politically decimated, following his self inflicted harrowing political purgation catalysed by sheer greed, ego centricism, nepotism, and above all, familiocracy.
Describing His Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere as a loser in the present political process is rather unfortunate. Such unfortunate entreaties can only come from an Onwuemeodo who lacks the capacity and the analytical mind to read the dynamics of politics playing out in the State.
The game of politics in a democracy is never imperialistic. Imo State is not a conquered territory as Okorocha would have himself and his vulnerable subjects believe; and as such should know that the attempt to foist familiocracy through the recent Primaries has failed woefully.
It is important that robotic Onwuemeodo is reminded of the fact that the first line charge of any government is security of life and property. Hence where a government has turned to a real threat to the governed by activities of the same government that promises to protect them, any discerning smart person should know that the party is over.
From this standpoint, it is important to educate Onwuemeodo that what matters is not about the individual’s interest but the collective interest of Imo people. It is a truism that the trials of Prince Madumere were hinged on three major factors, which are anti people’s policy and policy summersault, morality and acceptability of foisting a son-in-law on Imo people against their will and finally, the issue of zoning principle anchored tripod stand of equity, fair play and justice.
Truly, Prince Madumere, his brothers – Chief Theodore Ekechi, Commodore Peter Gbujie, Sir Jude Ejiogu among others in all seriousness pursued Owerri zone agenda, giving it all the necessary push with enthusiasm. There were camaraderie between and among leaders and sociopolitical organisations of sister zones where agreements were reached in principle.
Interestingly it was the same Okorocha who insisted that his will and not that of the people will be done. He even boasted and gloried in God’s glory, telling everyone who sang in discordant tune to go to hell. He sponsored all manner of laughable endorsement visits just to forcefully push down his bitter pills down the throat of Imolites.
The Deputy Governor for posterity sake led the movement to ensure that Imo does not become a place where freedom of her people are taken a way; where fundamental rights of the people which are satisfactorily guaranteed in a liberal democracy are not eroded by Governor Okorocha’s reckless disregard to rule of law. Despite the reign of thugs in the polity where Imolites were treated like common criminals in their own land with lives of members of the coalition of the All Progressives Congress and their leaders on constant threat. In the midst of such use of naked force,  Madumere led coalition forces fought on.
In war situations, every participant is a loser. The huge losses made in logistics and loss of manpower alone shows that there is no lone loser in war. At this level, the bottom line is the ability of a State to preserve its interest.
The same logic is applicable to that of Okorocha versus Coalition forces. Onwuemeodo must be reminded that the campaign for Owerri zone governorship started as equity movement but given the intractable nature of the battle where  Imo’s common wealth was unleashed on the people. To contain this onslaught, came the birth of coalition forces and in such alliances, there is bound to be concessions leading to shifting of positions.
Within this purview, counting on goals for choosing to go to war, Owerri zone heroes rather than lose out, in that dicey situation sacrificed lzonal interest for the ultimate interest of liberating the State from the shackles of bondage; they gave Owerri zone the foundation to request of the State what is due them rather than being confine to the dust bin of history manacled by a dynasty of Okorocha’s family.
Interestingly, Okorocha unmistakeably is the biggest loser because, he did not only fail to foist his son-in-law on Imo people but was ingloriously demystified. All myths around the hero has been broken to pieces thereby making him most vulnerable and mere ordinary. Nothing so special after all.
It was also Okorocha who told the whole world that his Deputy, His Excellency, Prince Madumere had no political value. This is another great point proven by Madumere that he is a political Iroko. Beyond this, Imolites have come to appreciate the fact that they have a leader who can be trusted and who can sacrifice personal gain for his people.
Emergence of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma is another victory for Prince Madumere’s leadership and ingenuity. This has in no little measure brought Okorocha to his knees to kiss the political dust. How the Coalition chooses to manage their victory should not be Okorocha’s business. The only choice left for him is to eat the humble pie and realign himself, which must come with condition or work out his salvation from other quarters.
It is also relevant that I remind Onwuemeodo that our Governor,  Chief Rochas Okorocha has lost this political battle on all fronts and should be humble enough to accept that and go through the process of political purgatory for reacceptance into the system.
It is irreconciliable to note that Onwuemeodo rather than advise his boss to be humble in defeat in the spirit of sportsmanship, is busy mocking Okorocha to continue in an illusional journey that that shall lead him to his political Golgotha.
The question is who is the greatest loser here? Haba! Onwuemeodo is simply a court jester who has not failed yet in treating his audience to a rib cracking clowning.
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