25th June 2024
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The governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has said that Chief Hope Uzodinma, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, Prince Eze Madumere and few others are not in actual fact fighting him. He said they are only tools in the hands of some big shots in the Country over their 2023 ambition.

Governor Okorocha made the remark when he met with Senior Media Practitioners in the State at the Government House on Tuesday November 27, 2018, regretting that Politicians outside Igboland who want to fight any particular Igbo Politician must use fellow Igbos as tools.

His words “Hope Uzodinma is not fighting Rochas Okorocha. Neither is Ifeanyi Araraume nor Eze Madumere or Emeka Ihedioha. But they are been used as instruments to fight Rochas because of the 2023 ambition of some big shots in the Country. And that tells the story of the Igbos. We don’t support our own, rather we destroy our own”.

He said “What is happening in Igboland today cannot happen in any other place in Nigeria because Igbos have made themselves Shopping Centres where people can come and shop and buy people to destroy their own. It is not a good omen.”

The governor continued “I want to announce that I am still running for the Senate for Orlu zone and my party is APC. I am going to make the difference. We are also supporting President Muhammadu Buhari for second tenure because he has done well to deserve that. I am supporting Uche Nwosu too because he believes in the State and won’t be going anywhere. Imo needs someone with vision and passion to carry on with the development plans of the State”.

He said “The people of the State joined the All Progressives Congress, APC, in 2015 inspite of the blackmail that trailed the Party in this part of the Country because of the Confidence they have in me and not only as their governor, but as their son. Imo people never joined APC because of any other person in Nigeria, but they joined the Party because of me and nothing has changed in the relationship because they are still all with me.”

The governor noted “Our party that is known for uprightness, justice, fairness and equity which show the image of President Buhari as a man of integrity has been dented by the actions of the National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole. What we saw recently in Imo was a clear case of injustice which does not reflect the image of our party. That people who won primaries were denied tickets and people who never contested were given tickets to run for the party, without considering the local effects to the members of the party in Imo State”.

He added “We have been trying to handle this situation and make the best out of it but I want to make it clear for those that are doubting that I am still a member of APC, I have not left APC and do not intend to leave APC. I was the first governor to endorse President Buhari for second term and I brought all my colleagues to do so. President Buhari remains my Candidate and I will support him for his presidential bid”.

He continued “What we have in Imo State is the worst imposition ever experienced in Nigeria politics, which characterizes most primaries in Imo State, be that of PDP, APGA or APC. The three people who never won their primaries became their Candidates. So in Imo State, wrong Candidates who never emerged with the wills of the people became the Candidates and that is why you see anger, disappointment and frustrations on the faces of the followers both in APC, PDP and APGA. All those that emerged there, were not the choices of the people but were imposed by the various national parties”.

Hear him “I have done all I can to ensure that those aggrieved persons in APC do stay back in the Party but being adults they are, most of them have for the first time disobeyed me for what they called outright robbery of their victory. I will not be surprised if most of those who contested for election in our party find another platform to actualize their political dreams. You might be seeing something play out, I don’t have any moral justification to stop them from doing that, having not been given a fair treatment in the party called APC”.

According to him “This affects the governorship Candidate, members of the House of Assembly, some Federal House and Senatorial Candidates of APC. In APC we saw those who didn’t even contest for election getting tickets. While I support my party, I cannot hold them back from joining any party whatsoever they want to, at the end of it all,”

He added “What everybody must know is that President Buhari is not behind the actions of Oshiomhole and does not support it in any form or shape. Oshiomhole was on his own. For this reason, I have received assurances from all those meted injustice by Oshiomhole, who want to pursue their ambitions in other parties that they would support President Buhari. You might see people in different parties with one presidential Candidate”,

For him “The politics of Imo State has changed since I became governor. It is no longer the case of one big man sitting at home and giving instructions of what to do. Imo people are wiser now and more reasonable than ever and they want to vote according to their conscience and that they will do. As a father of the State right now, I am in a better position to access the Candidates of those running for elections. Uche Nwosu still remain the best amongst all of them, in track record, in vision and passion and love for humanity.”

The governor said “We must look at your track record because you can’t change your style as a governor. Most of these people have houses in London, South-Africa but have no address in Imo State. This is unacceptable to Imolites. I, as a person, have brought down most of my big investments to Imo State to benefit Imo people and mankind in general. From Rochas Foundation Colleges to my hotel businesses all in Imo State because I believe in the State.”

Sam Onwuemeodo
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor

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