24th May 2024
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The immediate past deputy governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere, has said that security is everybody’s business, urging Nigerians to always report any strange happenings around their homes and communities to the nearest security post.

Prince Madumere made the statement while reacting to questions to newsmen on the rising spate of insecurity in the country.

“I am aware that state governments and federal government are not resting on their oars. We are all in the know of the security challenges the country is going through. What is important is that things are being done about it. In any nation’s life, there are periods of such challenges. I learned of the effort by the federal government working in concert with all the security agencies to change the security architecture of the country and a lot has been done and achieved. I believe much more needs to be done”; he stated.

He also commended the President Mohammadu Buhari led Federal government and the security agencies for reducing the high-way security challenges to the barest minimum. He hailed the Inspector General of Police and his men with the Nigerian Military for their synergy in containing and trying to rid the country of all manner of criminals and bandits.

His words: “I commend the synergy among our security agents. They have so far lived up to expectation. I believe these security challenges are multi-dimensional. I would categorise them into political, socio-economic and terrorism. So far, that of the terrorism has been battled to an appreciable level. What we must know is that these are unconventional combatants, whereby they are often unknown save for intelligence. Terrorism is usually anchored on unfounded ideology or belief system but it is undoubtedly considered a treason because it is a crime against the state and it is subversive. The other ones are common. It was really commendable discovering the level of achievement in containing and taking the battle to these bandits. If the emerging confessional statements from some bandits in Zamfara State are not deceitful, it shows the level at which people could go to ventilate anger due to disenchantment. I believe that the key to unlock some of these avoidable infractions and conflicts is dialogue and continues engagement with any layer of the public that is acting up.

He also expressed satisfaction that crime fighters are now deploying technology in crime fighting. He encouraged the general public to always see themselves as part of the country’s security arrangement by maintaining a high level security consciousness. He also advised them to report any strange movements and persons to the nearest security post.

He regretted losses of lives and property as a result of security related events. He said his thoughts and prayers are with the persons and families affected.

He further called on the security agencies not to scare genuine patriotic citizens away while giving information even when not properly pieced together. “High level confidentiality must also be maintained. I have had experience where an information was given to a security detail but before few minutes such information had already been relayed to the suspects in question”; he warned.

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