22nd May 2024
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Nigeria’s unending security challenge: Call for paradigm shift

Nigeria’s unending security challenge: Call for paradigm shift

Killing in Nigeria is fast becoming an acceptable norm. Respect for sanctity of life has long gone into oblivion as blood has continued to flow freely and undeterred.

The security agencies seem to be overwhelmed ever increasing challenge of crimes and blood letting. High level of carnage coming from all fronts. It is either by Boko Haram or Islamic State West Africa, Bandits, ritualists who now come in the guise of what they call yahoo plus while armed robberies are rampaging from their quarters. Another deadly gang is that of fulani herdsmen or herdsmen whose parents country, state or communities are literally unknown. They nonetheless remain the most shielded by the activities of Miyetti Allah and other bodies.

Probing into the root cause has proven to be hydra-headed. We have religious reason in coagulation of ideological fanaticism. We have economists blaming the misnomer to economic down-turn. While some have adduced other community based skirmishes to long years of ethnic disagreements.

Deference to God and even notable noble personalities has also been thrown to the wind. Agreed that President Mohammadu Buhari has continued to preach for peace, religious and ethnic tolerance, but the purveyors of crises and conflicts are not resting on their oars either.

During the last Sala celebration, President Buhari in clear terms called on Muslims to eschew extremism and fanaticism. He called for tolerance in the polity.

The raging violence has proved to have a contagious effects in the polity. With all the military operations in concert with other para-military establishments, it appears as though we are only scratching the surface.

The agents of darkness who feed fat from conflicts have been transported their heinous trade to all parts of the country. We also believe strongly that herdsmen have been the most effective agents in the spread of violence.

Once coolest and calm city of Enugu since 2016 has been under siege. Explanations adduce-able to the large scale violence have been somewhat enmeshed in confusion. No reason so far given can stand in correlation to the devastating harvest of deaths and other crimes.

the calm, peaceful governor of the state, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has done all within his limited powers to curb the trend. the more he tries, the more disheartening news break by the day. it is even worrisome that the crises in Enugu State is constantly being linked to other Nigerians from other zones, creating tension of possible inter-tribal conflicts.

As if massacre of 2016 was enough where about 40 innocent persons were sent to the graves much earlier than expected, it has been a tale of regrets. it is either there is a kidnap or rape case. Barely two months ago where a cleric was murdered, we also had a widow raped and murdered in cold blood according to reports. It has been outrage all over.

Taraba State has also become a Golgotha where people are butchered like cows. It is either between Tivs and Jukuns or bandits mindlessly snuffing lives out of innocent citizens. Benue State has been a theater of war with alleged herdsmen and bandits causing mayhem continually.

The North East has been a veritable abode for terrorists who we understand are transiting from Boko Haram, a home grown insurgents into a full blown international terrorist group. While ISIS had been subdued, we feel strongly they are using Nigeria as strategic ground to continue in their baseless religious war. This can be verified from the report from DefensePost of August 14, 2019 edition with the title: “ISIS publishes images of ISWAP attack on Nigeria military base in Borno”, by Fergus Kelly.

Barely 24 hours after gunmen raided villages in Taraba State, killing two people, a group of unidentified bandits, Thursday, were reported to have attacked and killed Reverend Father David Tanko, a catholic priest at Kufai Amadu in Takum, Taraba State.

According to Channels Tv, the cleric was on his way to Takum for a peace meeting with his fellow clergymen on how to resolve the lingering Tiv, Jukun crisis when he was killed.

The chairman of the council, Shiban Tikari who confirmed the incident to newsmen said that after killing him, the attackers set him and his car on fire.

Tikari who said that the deceased hails from Wukari Local Government Area of the state alleged that the attack was carried out by Tiv militias.

He also blamed several other attacks that have claimed lives and property in southern Taraba on the Tiv militias, stressing that the reason for the attacks is still unknown.

All efforts to speak to the police proved abortive as calls and text messages to the police spokesperson, David Misal were neither picked nor responded to.

Taraba has witnessed series of attacks lately with the most recent one in Wukari local government areas of the state. Two persons were killed while a police officer was injured in the attack.

In neighbouring Donga Local Government Area (LGA), a student of ECWA Seminary School, was in the early hours of Wednesday killed on his farm.

There is hardly any state of Nigerian that does not have its own side of the despicable story of regrets.

It is true that President Buhari may have churned out great policies with a view to realising a vision of a self-reliant and self-sufficient Nigeria, particularly in the agricultural sector. Ethnic cleansing, herders-farmers endless skirmishes will surely hinder these lofty visions.

There is no alternative to peace. it is difficult to discuss progress and future in a war situation. it is worse that Nigeria is at war with its self.

Our investigation in Gubio and Magumeru boarders on ill-equipped soldiers containing dangerously equipped and psychologically hypnotized unconventional ISWA combatants. Borno situation is a pathetic story but thank God for President Buhari’s resolve to bring this vexatious challenge to an end. The people of these occupied areas only one day at a time.

The question is, is it a failure of diplomatic engagement or failure of intelligence? We have continued to lose our innocent civilians and soldiers. There is need for paradigm shift. Nigeria must review its relationship with her neighbours. there must be bilateral and multilateral treaties on arm smuggle. There must be a proviso as to who crosses the Nigerian border even with the signing of African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

If Nigeria were to be the Big brother it presents itself to be, why would her neighbouring states become willing tools in the hands of the insurgents and their sponsoring nations? How have these ISWA been smuggling military wares into the country unhindered?

Newstrack hereby call for a total rethink with a view to invoking other strategies to tackle the monstrous challenges facing the country.

Leadership must be blind to brother, sister, kinsmen, tribe and ethnicity. If what would bring about lasting peace will affect your affectionate relationship with one’s people, then it is no leadership. Utilitarian school must take precedence.

This must be the mindset of every political leader, traditional leaders at various level of government. Enough of this carnage in the polity.

We must commend the effort of the South West. Their resolve to take the issue of the security of their people seriously by having a zonal security coordination. The approval thereto by the Nigerian Police Force is another proof that the government of the day means well.

Truly, we cannot make any headway without peace and security of lives and property. This responsibility remains the first line charge of any government all over the world. It is instructive that regional approach towards resolving the nagging conundrum should be embraced.

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