21st May 2024
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Xenophobic attacks: Nigeria severs diplomatic relations with South Africa

Xenophobic attacks: Nigeria severs diplomatic relations with South Africa

In series of responses to the ongoing xenophobic attacks against Nigerians, the Federal Government of Nigeria has severed a diplomatic relations with the South Africa against the backdrop of ceaseless attacks against her citizens.

Nigeria had recalled her High Commissioner, Ambassador Kabiru Bala even after it had summoned South African envoy to register her dissatisfaction over the inhuman treatments being meted out to her citizens.

In quick succession, President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government has also symbolically boycotted the ongoing World Economic Forum holding in South Africa in protest.

NewsTrack in her investigations reveals that in s bid to contain the barrage of violence against Nigeria and other African countries like Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo among others are now united to form a common from to ward-off attacks in self-defense.

Sources also has it that there has been some flashes of retaliatory responses by other citizens against South African diplomatic instruments.

As at press time, President Buhari, his vice, Prof. yemi Osinbajo, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffery Onyeama among others are in strategic meetings so as to come up sustainable solution to unmitigated attacks against Nigerian citizens.

meanwhile, for fear of reprisal attacks from the loved ones murdered in South Africa and those whose means of livelihood were destroyed, MTN, a telecommunication firm which its parent country is South Africa has closed shops while other the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies have taken positions around and within Shoprites among other South African owned establishment to proactively prevent contagious violent response from Nigerians.

On Social Media, Nigerians are furious over the violent actions of South Africans, accusing Cyril Ramaphosa led government as supportive of the actions of her citizens.

Gory photos of Nigerians being burnt alive are posted and shared, which has psychological effects on the citizenry. Meanwhile, they are calling for stiffer measures against South Africa to serve as a deterrent to others.

Against the backlash of the ongoing crises, it was reported that one of the protesters whose identity is yet unknown was allegedly shot dead by men of the Nigerian Police Force.

The PUNCH also learnt that a police van was set ablaze by angry mob that stormed the Circle Mall. In the far away Zambia, sources reported that anarchy might take over the country if nothing is done fast.

It will be recalled that Nigeria has lost many of her citizens under strange circumstance. In the midst of all these Nigerians and Nigerian government have treated the matter with less retaliatory responses.

Speaking, the Minsiter of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Onyeama revealed the government’s resolve to resolve the matter once and for all. He also said that no Nigerian has been killed during the xenophobic attacks, appealing to Nigerians to shun vandalism and extreme behaviours towards South Africans and their establishments.

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