24th May 2024
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Ex Super Eagles manager cries for help 10 weeks after his kidnapped mum’s disappearance

Ex Super Eagles manager cries for help 10 weeks after his kidnapped mum’s disappearance
Uchenna Ajah

At the last count, the 76-year-old Mrs Ogere Siasia and two others, who went missing on the same night, are still held back in the kidnapper’s den, with Siasia admitting the police are no make any lead towards finding her.

“The police said it’s been difficult to track these kidnappers, but my great concern is that my mother is very sick,” Siasia told BBC Sport.

“For someone who is unwell to be held against her will is not only callous, but heartbreaking and sad.

“So I can only keep appealing to these guys to please let my mother go. I would like for the government or whoever is capable to help me bring my mother back.”

Interestingly, it is the second time Mrs Siasia will be forcefully taken away from her home, but spent 12 days before regaining her freedom back in November 2015.

At the moment, the Bayelsa state police maintain they are on top of the situation as they want to rescue her unarmed, but Siasia, who has served Nigeria in various capacities, is seeking support for her mum to regain freedom.

“What more can I do but plead for assistance from the government, police and my country that I served as a player and coach,” Siasia noted, even as he was quick to add.

“My mother is seriously sick and this bothers me a lot. I don’t know where or who to turn to at this point.

“I’ve not had a job for three years, battling with a Fifa ban appeal and to have my sick mother in the hands of kidnappers, I just feel extremely tired,” pleaded Siasia, who netted 16 goals in over 50 caps for Nigeria.

Recall that it was reported earlier that Samson Siasia has cried out that kidnappers are still keeping his mum Madam Beauty Ogere despite collecting N1.5m as ransom.

According to The Nation, the former Nigerian international admitted that the last couple of days have been tough for the Siasia family, with the three family members including a sexagenarian still in kidnappers den.

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