21st May 2024
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Why I congratulated Ihedioha – Ex Deputy Governor

Why I congratulated Ihedioha – Ex Deputy Governor

The immediate past Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere, has explained why he congratulates Ihedioha in a statement signed by his Special Adviser (Media & Publicity), uche Onwuchekwa.

Prince Madumere insisted that Imo has suffered so much set back that if the political class continues to engage in ego battle and politics of vendetta, it will only serve as a ploy to continue to keep the state in its present state of ruins. “This is to the detriment of the Imo people”; he said.

Speaking on his party, All Progressives Congress, the former Imo Deputy Governor hinted that all is not well with the party at the moment, promising that the leaders will surely come together for fence mending to form a unified strong party.

He also revealed that the party in the state was not ready for election following irreconcilable issues that bordered on recklessness, inequity, familiocracy, insincerity, suspicion and general infighting. “No party in such situation can win election”; he said.

Meanwhile, he insisted that party politics should end now so as not to give room for distraction. Those who feel they have too much resources to waste should wait till next political season, including his party, APC.

He recalled that APC fought a good fight to cleanse itself of rudderless culture and family based government while regretting that it could not sustain the success story.

He also stated that he is not unmindful of the fact that any candidate who feels agitated should challenge whatever grouse he has in the tribunal or court of competent jurisdiction.

He however maintained that it is utterly inhuman and insensitive to engage in a lost battle while the state continues to erode away.

” Every road in the state is a gully, most structures are death traps while even the very administrative structures are undergoing rehabilitation. No selfless leader will embark on such wars.

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