24th February 2024
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NewsTrack PERSONALITY: This Corper Can Change any Child

NewsTrack PERSONALITY: This Corper Can Change any Child

This week, Ms Chinenye Alaozor, National Youth Service Corp member won our NewsTrack Personality.

During our weeklong investigations on what goes on in some of the Creche, especially as it concerns the welfare and safety of these little innocent children in the hands of the supposed care givers, a report NewsTrack shall publish soonest, this ‘Corper’ was discovered.
Our undercover reporter had visited some private schools in some occasions, among which her place of primary assignment was among (school name withheld). We tend to call it a gift even though we didn’t have any conversation over what motivates her, an aspect we shall explore in the future.
Ms. Alozor, a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University from Anambra State proved that our society still have passionate personalities with the requisite patience, temperament and teaching and tolerant spirit to attend to any child however frustrating their disturbances might be. She takes her time to attend to each of them.
Because of this caring and motherly approach, the children have nonetheless taken her as their best friend and a real Care Giver. A visit during lunch will daze you as each child will happily carry his or her lunch pack to this Corper Aunty. Each would want to be on her comforting fleshy body to be fed.
These children are between the ages of 1 and 2. Some parents have run to Creche because of the busy schedule and dangers in hiring nannies in this tribulating period. They believe that their children will get a near care they ought to get since they are paying for the services.
We wish to use this medium to encourage Alozor never to depart from this path of honour in career even as her pay as we learnt is nowhere near her sacrifices towards keeping these children happy and teaching them.
Congratulations Ms Chinenya Alozor
NewsTrack shall bring to you revelations on what happens to your child in your absence
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