21st May 2024
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The immediate past Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere, has said that Nigeria must adopt discrete approach in her relations with other countries, if the country is serious to attaining economic development.

Prince Madumere made the call, last Monday, on arrival at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

He said that Nigeria needs to redefined her foreign policy strategies holistically, including how it deals with her neighbours, Africa and the world.

Reacting to the closure of Nigerian boarder with her neighbours, he said: “President Mohammadu Buhari led Presidency has done well. It is one strategy you cannot afford to fault. It is tripartite. We have political, economic and security perspectives.

“First and foremost, it is unfortunate that the countries we call our neighbours are becoming willing tools in the hands of the enemies. Otherwise, how can one explain how military equipment are sent into the country through the passage of neighbouring countries? Are we saying that they also lack the means to share intelligence even if they can’t stand them?

“On the second part, we can’t continue to sabotage our economy. No country in the world even the United States allow any country to sabotage its internal economy. We understand the tariff regime that has been raging at the international market, how much more our economy that is still fledgling. Why must we continue to import rice when we have rice? We must not discourage our farmers and investors in the sector.

“It is about time we showed some political will and some capacity to ward off some trouble makers. For goodness sake, Nigeria is over 200 million. This is a huge market to be explored in exchange for technological advancement and general development. This should also be the song for some of our service providers, we must have understanding that technology transfer is negotiated. We don’t mind paying royalties but not to remain subservient and vulnerable.”

He therefore hailed the Presidency for her new approach in tackling what he described as “factors working against Nigeria’s security, prosperity and stature in the comity of nations.

“We must be discrete in whatever treaty, agreement or multilateral agreements with various countries, saying it’s being pragmatic. if we are serious about developing the country. We must protect our local industries here.
“Capitalism is only best in areas where you have relative measure of balance in exchange. Our guiding principle must be the welfare of the citizenry and what is in it for us not for me,” he stated.

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