24th May 2024
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MEN BEWARE: Choosing wrong wife will kill you before time – Pa Duru

MEN BEWARE: Choosing wrong wife will kill you before time – Pa Duru

While great men who are warriors and conquerors in their differing areas have been humbled on the thighs of wrong women.

We can quickly remember Delilah, a biblical story that has continued to reverberate in our minds even in today’s world.

We have had reports of women who abruptly ended the lives on their healthy and vigorous hubbies.

Men have lost their gentiles, some poisoned while some died of high blood pressure caused by venomous words from a nagging woman.

On the contrary, a 75 year old boyish Mr. Allison Irodi Ozoeche Duru of Umuneke, Ohuba Amawuhie, Ubomiri, said that a good wife is a tonic that makes a man to live forever.

Pa Duru who dazzled all at an event waa dressed in a well designed pencil jeans basking with vigour with a well tucked in shirt, perhaps, was the smartest looking young man in the mist of men. You could easily single him out because if his athletic body, working so briskly.

Then Newstrack approached and asked how old he was. He smiles and said: “I am above 75.”

He revealed that he has eight children from one wife who has remained his beat friend.

On the secret of healthy living, he paused, smiles and said: “I feel 40. I still do all that I used to do in my younger age. You won’t believe that I am over 75 except I tell you. My simple secret is my wife. She is the magic and the tonic that keeps me going.

” When I remember her, I want to go home. She ensures that I all that I cherish are done for me. She is my companion and my best friend. Once is 7 pm, I am at home to spend good time with my wife, because in her, I draw my strength and energy.”

Probing further, we sought to know if he was still sexually active, he burst out a prolonged laughter. He said: ” I am very active till tomorrow. I don’t joke with my sexual life and it is absolutely natural.”

On his preferred delicacy, he said that eba  with any soup is Oke for him. He said that most Igbo soups are prepared with vegetables and therefore does not any preferred soup.

Men and Women whether marries or unmarried, learn from the little secret of Pa Duru.

Proverbs 21:19 says that it is better to line in a desert than a quarrelsome and nagging wife.




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