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Beware: No Woman is expressly submissive to Man – Pastor Alozie

While admonishing Mr & Mrs Adiele Jacob who were celebrating their Silver Jubilee in Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Umuoba, Owerri, Pastor Goodluck  Alozie shocked the congregation, submitting that no woman is submissive to any man.

He pointed out that the greatest factor causing broken homes and other marital problems is not unconnected with unfaithfulness in marriages.

He said when there is dearth of trust and faithfulness to God’s ordinance, there is bound to be misunderstanding and mistrust.

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He however warned that it is true that the Bibles has admonished women to be submissive to their husbands, but he quickly said that submissiveness is only possible when a man has proven to the woman that he meant all his entreaties.

He also stated that a woman can only submit to the proven love from her hubby.

It is usually a very complex issue. “Yes, the men are the head of homes but a woman can only submit to your love. It is earned,” he stated.

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He argued that there is no woman that is ugly, if only the hubby can understand that if he invests the money he wastes on the side girls in his wife. “For a man to approach a woman, he must have been attracted by her. That woman can still appear better than the pick and drop outside their homes.

He therefore encouraged men to be open, more transparent with their wives, saying it is only then would they realise the promise of Favour from God.

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He forbade a situation where men operate different accounts with their wives, starting that it has its devastating effect in cases of death as both the woman and the children will suffer.

Reading from Ephesians 5: 22 down, he maintained that men must love their wives as they love themselves. “You cannot inflict pains on yourself. If you love your wife, you ought not to offend her because you are doing so against yourselves.

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High point of the church service was Pastor Alozie’s testimony on the Christian lifestyle of the couple who, despite some turbulence in the journey of life, have lived above board. Mrs. Adiele has shown her management prowess as she manages every resources that come into their home with five cool headed children.

“The family has learnt to set their priorities right. This is possible because they two plan together and trust each other. Even when the man feels that he is not doing enough, the wife has always shown understanding. I bless them and pray that when next they will call us for celebration, it shall be with bumper harvest of God’s manifold blessings upon the family.”

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