23rd February 2024
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Border closure: Benin Republic too small to threaten Nigeria – Patrick Lumumba

Border closure:  Benin Republic too small to threaten Nigeria – Patrick Lumumba

Revered Kenyan former director of the anti-corruption commission in Kenya, Prof Patrick Lumumba, has described Benin as too small threaten Nigeria over its border closure and its attendant effects.

Lumumba who spoke in Lagos shortly after a lecture said he understands the reasons Nigeria is shutting it borders.

He however stated that the federal government was too big for a country like Benin Republic to threaten over the policy.

his words: “I can understand why Nigeria is closing its borders but I am of the view that Nigeria is too big to be threatened by Benin.”

Lumumba, however, noted that if Nigeria had strong regulations that were obeyed by the country’s citizens, then there would have been no need to close the borders.

“The medium-term is to look at the movement of goods and determine their source of origin so that Nigerian laws are not abused and to protect the Nigerian industries be it agriculture and textile.

“I agree with the government that when borders are porous, individual take advantage of it to commit criminality, but yet, I believe borders can be open without being porous,” he argued.

He urged neigbouring countries to obey any memorandum of understanding they signed with Nigeria saying disobedience should carry consequences.


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