24th February 2024
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What Imo Ife Alumni Association did differently at their end of the year get-together

What Imo Ife Alumni Association did differently at their end of the year get-together

Month of December no doubt is the peak and end of all group activities, including governmental, non-governmental organisations and of course Alumni Associations are not left out.

For Obafemi Awolowo University Alumni Association, Owerri-Imo State branch, it was not left out in the same activity of stock taking and celebration of successes achieved through the warmth and ever robust congeniality among members both in collective and individual courses.

The end of the year get together, which took place on December 8, 2019 was most colourful as it witnessed members adorned in their Sunday bests with their spouses, children, guests and honourary members of the association.

Of course God was humbly invited to take charge with thanksgThankfor His mercies upon the association and it’s members.

Following her intellectual tradition, Dr. Charles N. Emeto, A pharmacist of note took everyone on an intellectual voyage where he lectured members and guests on Drug Abuse and Medicine Misuse.

He drew a distinction between the two where he said that drug abuse relates to those drugs, which their abuse affect the brain and could lead to serious brain damage. He also said that they addictive.

Speaking further he said that medicine misuse is not unconnected with the misuse of most of the routine drugs with self medication being the chief cause of this misuse.

He however disclosed that some of the medicines that fall under homeopathic medicine ought not to be given so much recognition in the country by the regulatory agencies as some of the claims have not be investigated and confirmed.

He wondered why such drugs are given such recognition by some agencies in Nigeria while their parent country don’t give them such blank cheque.

He therefore called for caution and insisted that Doctors must be consulted if anyone has any health issue for proper diagnosis and prescription.

The lecture was lively as it was interactive. There was room for contributions and questions, which made the outing unique as new researches were discussed and debated.

The chairman of Obafemi Awolowo University Alumni Association, Hon. Charles Okeke popularly known as Odiuko in his addressed commended members for keeping together and ensuring that Great Ife spirit is always alive.

He encouraged members who have distinguished themselves in areas of profession, including those in academia, health sector, Legal practitioners, politicians, businessmen among others.

He ssid that it was about time, the younger members were handed down leadership responsibilities, disclosing that such will be one of the focus of 2020.

He also hammered on the need for members to always be up to date in their financial commitment to the association.

While commending Governor Emeka Ihedioha for appointing members into his cabinet, he said the association will surely pay him a solidarity visit and called for unwavered support from the members.

The members of the association did fail in balancing the outing as they dazed one another on the dancing floor.

The high point of the event was the take away package of pumps of fresh meat, a donation made by the Chairman, Chief Okeke in appreciation of members.

In a spontaneous reaction, the Ife Alumni unanimously conferred on him ”Ogbuehi title”.

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