25th June 2024
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Madumere Sues For Peace, Order On Guber, Houses Of Assembly Elections

Madumere Sues For Peace, Order On Guber, Houses Of Assembly Elections

The former Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere has made a clarion call on the people of Imo State and Nigeria at large to play by the rules and ensure a free, fair and credible elections devoid of violence and electoral crimes.

Prince Madumere made the call vide his official face Facebook page handles, admonishing the youths women and security agencies to be circumspect and ensure that things are done right during during Saturday’s Governorship and Houses of Assembly elections across the country.

He urged them to eschew vote buying and not to yield to being use as a destructive instruments in the hands of desperate politicians.

For Imo State Governorship election, he said: “For us in Imo State, we have a date on who becomes the next Governor of the State in November 2023.”

The statement:

Clarion Call On Youths, Women And Security Agents 

Today marks another important day in the annals of our democratic history. It is a day we are to elect those who would represent various state constituencies in the Houses of Assembly and for most States; to also elect the Governors who would steer the affairs of the state in the next political dispensation.

For us in Imo State, we have a date on who becomes the next Governor of the State in November 2023.

I wish to commend the youths on how you have taken the bull by the horn. The political consciousness and the revolution sweeping across the country prove that some guys would have to get the hell out of the way.

I implore you never to yield to those who would remember you and dangle carrot robbed with slow killing hemlock only for you to vote for them and then suffer for another 4 years. 

House of Assembly is very critical to the development of the State as it determines what comes into your budgets and passes the appropriation bills coupled with its oversight functions. The Governors are reckless because of the kind of lawmakers you have. If you have those who understand the potency of the office, our Governors will sit up. This is the very reason my must come out and vote.

I wish to also urge our security agents to stop being a destructive agents of under-development. When you connive with politicians to scuttle the wishes of the people, you are simply the darkest enemy of the people; When an electoral crime is being committed and you pretend as though you know nothing about it, you are an accomplice and of course, the worst part of hell is reserved for you. 

Your first line charge is to maintain peace, Order and ensure that people are law abiding. Let there be peace and Order!

For the youths, please do not yield to the temptations of being an instrument for electoral malfeasance. Say no to thuggery and be an ambassador of positive change for a greater Nigeria. If the States and Country are administered well, you would be gainfully employed and be useful to yourself, your family and society at large.

So, go out there, cast your votes and ensure the votes are counted while the agents join hands with others to ensure the results are uploaded and trasmitted.

It is my wish that the best candidates  emerge. However, in democracy, let the people’s choice carry the day!

I wish you all happy and peaceful Election-Day!

Prince Ezeakonobi Madumere MFR

Former Deputy Governor

Imo State

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