24th February 2024
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IMO 2023 GUBER ELECTION FEVER: Uzodimma Tears Down Mobocracy, Hooliganism Arms Of His Government

IMO 2023 GUBER ELECTION FEVER: Uzodimma Tears Down Mobocracy, Hooliganism Arms Of His Government

Amid the excruciating pains of economic recession Imo people are going through, Governor Hope Uzodimma led government had continued to lacerate inflict unmitigated pains with killer jamboc to the extent that even the poorest of the poor could not breath.

It was not only laughable to learn that Imo Governor who pretended as though he was unaware of the iron fist being used on those he claimed to be governing has banned all unauthorised levies and task forces. This is the cruelty of pseudo leaders who are only interested in power for self serving purposes.

It was even worrisome that various agencies of the government unleashed human monsters. Daily, people are forced to go borrowing to offset illegal penalties heaped on them by Uzodimma’s mimdless soldiers.

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Those who stood up to defend their rights ended up in the hospital beds. Imo people are molested, beaten blue and black and heavily extorted. Tetlow road is one of the spots where people’s vehicle registration plate numbers were taken away. They would end up paying between ₦20,000 to ₦50,000.

Those who were said to be working with the Commissioner for Transport and the life President of OPOCA, Barr. Rex Anunobi, are not only ruthless but monsters in human skins.

While we agree that he does the dirty jobs for Uzodimma when it comes to throwing tantrums and playing to the gallery but the best way to help Uzodimma is not to kill potential voters.

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I had a very sad experience where a private petite truck was stopped and ceased at one of the operational spaces of Uzodimma’s task forces. After all the explanations with proofs, they insisted that in so far as the person’s vehicle has got to their base, you must pay money. This is the kind of gangsters we have in Imo. After much pleading, they still ended up collecting a whopping sum of ₦10,000 saying that they were on target from the government.

More worrisome is the treatment these street human hunters met out to the fragile, pale senior citizens. They do not give a damn. Barr. Rex sold his humanity to the devil. This is to the extent that those who were caught by his merciless dudes were made to go borrowing to cough out whatever amount charged, yet no receipts are issued.

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On a certain forum on Social Media where one of the victims complained, he promised to look into it but was quick to quote Imo State law on that. The question is, how did Rex Anunobi’s task force arrive at the exhibition penalties. I thought that could have been published to inform the people. It’s all hogwash.

So when I read a statement from the Governor Uzodimma’s Office calling back his attack dogs from continual mauling of the suffering masses in the state, then I realised that the Election is around the corner and the Imo Governor is Diaspora wants a second term.

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The press release reads:

“All persons or groups involved in the reckless collection of levies in Imo State without the strict authorisation of the governor have been asked to desist forthwith or have themselves to blame.

“Governor Hope Uzodimma said the consequences that await the refusal of those involved in such acts are huge because his government is no longer prepared to tolerate acts that smear her image.

“Uzodimma is particularly concerned about reports of individuals, groups and even political appointees, who harass members of the public under the guise of task forces and use same to collect levies and impose penalties that are both illegal and criminal.

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“The Governor insists that the only authorised body in Imo State charged with the responsibility of collecting levies, penalties and other revenues for the government remains the Imo State Internal Revenue Service (IIRS).

“He has therefore warned that anyone caught in the web of further illegal collections, including political appointees, will face the music squarely, regardless of who the person is.

“The areas where the madness over collection of levies, penalties and other fees has taken a worrisome dimension and have caught the attention of the Governor are in the haulage/ truck collections (both day and night) businesses, the municipal daily ticketing in the parks and markets, those going after transportation traffic offenders, among others.

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“While the ministries and agencies involved in the act have been directed to desist from further collection of such levies, penalties and fees, Governor Uzodimma said anyone

“(political appointees inclusive) or group that decides to taste his will on such illegalities by way of ignoring his directive may have to face consequences.”

Uzodimma claims to be ignorant of these hellish activities until election season.

Shall we applaud the Governor or what will the already worn out public do?

We are not against the Governor’s political ambition and feats in attracting Federal Government Roads, but what Imo people yearn for is democratic governance with human face; not military junta in the guise of fighting insecurity.

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