24th February 2024
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Actress Kehinde Bankole Battles Untold Secrets, Mulls Sharing

Actress Kehinde Bankole has hinted the public about an hidden truth she is battling with, stating it is getting beyond what she can handle.

Bankole, known for her exemplary performances on screen, made the revelation in an enigmatic post on Instagram.

She said the ‘undisclosed issue’ has been steadily worsening over the years. 

The screen interpreter revealed her intention to shed light on this undisclosed struggle in the near future, promising an announcement that promises to be both enlightening and introspective.

The actress expressed a desire to share her journey with her fanbase, conveying a strong belief that social media platforms should serve as avenues for both sharing life’s glamour and confronting its hurdles.

Bankole‘s decision to unveil her hidden struggle is rooted in a genuine desire to provide encouragement, strength, and inspiration to her followers who may be facing similar battles behind closed doors.

“There is something personal that I want to make an announcement about in a few days. It’s really important to me that I have been dealing with for years and have been managing but it keeps getting worse.

“I feel like if I loved this thing this much and I am struggling with it, why don’t I come and share my journey with you my friends, my fans, my lovers because I don’t think we should come online to share glamorous things. I never know who I will be encouraging, emboldening, and challenging. I will announce it in a few days,” she wrote. 

– The Nation

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