25th May 2024
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Seventh-Day Adventist Devotional For Children: “Quit Disobedience: Choose To Listen”

Seventh-Day Adventist Devotional For Children: “Quit Disobedience: Choose To Listen”



Friday, March 1, 2024

Title: “Quit Disobedience: Choose to Listen”

Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth! For the LORD has spoken: “I have nourished and brought up children, And they have rebelled against Me; The ox knows its owner And the donkey its master’s crib; But Israel does not know, My people do not consider.” Isaiah 1:2,3.

Once upon a time, God spoke to the people of Judah. He said, “Listen, O heavens, and hear, O earth! I have taken care of you like a parent, but you have not listened. Even the ox knows its owner, and the donkey knows where it belongs. But my people, Judah, they do not understand.”

God was sad because the leaders and people of Judah were not being good listeners. They were like children who don’t appreciate all the good things their parents do for them.

Think about when you don’t listen to your parents. They love you and want what’s best, but when you disobey, it hurts them. It’s like saying, “I don’t care about what you want for me.” That’s how Judah was making God feel.

God said, “My people don’t know who takes care of them. They have forgotten me.” It made God very sad because even animals know who takes care of them, but Judah didn’t know God.

Have you ever been so focused on doing things your way that you forget about God? God wants us to remember Him and listen to His words because He loves us so much.

God told Judah they were doing wrong things. They were filled with bad actions, and it made God very upset. He wanted them to stop and turn back to Him. But Judah kept doing wrong, even when they faced troubles because of it.

God didn’t want to punish Judah. He wanted them to change and be happy. He warned them that if they kept disobeying, they would keep facing troubles. It was like a parent warning a child, “If you keep doing that, you’ll get hurt.”

But Judah didn’t want to listen. They loved their wrong actions more than listening to God. Even when things got tough, they still chose to disobey.

We can learn from Judah’s story. God wants us to listen and obey, just like when we listen to our parents. It makes Him happy when we do the right thing. And even when we make mistakes, God’s love and mercy are always there for us.

Thought for Reflection/ Life Application
Think about times when you might not be listening to God. Is there something He is telling you to do or not do? Take a moment to reflect on how you can be a better listener and obedient child of God. When you listen and obey, it brings joy to God’s heart.

Obedience is the very best way To show that you believe: Doing exactly what the Lord commands, Doing it happily. Action is the key, do it immediately, Joy you will receive. Obedience is the very best way To show that you believe.
O-b-e-d-i-e-n-c-e, Obedience is the very best way To show that you believe.

Dear Lord, thank you for always being there for us and loving us, even when we make mistakes. Help us to be better listeners and obedient to your will. Guide us in the right path, and may we always trust and obey you. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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