13th July 2024
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Five Well-Known Celebrities Who Accepted Love Despite Age Barrier

MC Fish and Anita Joseph

In Nigeria, societal norms often cast a shadow on unconventional love stories, particularly when the woman is older than the man.

Despite the unspoken disapproval and subtle judgments, some couples boldly defy these expectations, challenging age-old traditions and embracing love in its purest form.

As the world turns its gaze towards the glitz and glamour of celebrity marriages, a poignant question emerges from the shadows: Does age truly dictate the success or failure of a union, or is it merely a trivial number in the grand scheme of love?

Over the weekend, the internet crackled with fervour as the spotlight shone on a captivating saga involving the esteemed Cole family of Victoria Island, Lagos.

At the centre of the whirlwind was Taiwo Cole, scion of the illustrious clan, whose recent nuptials to actress and comedian Wofai Ewa, fondly known as Wofai Fada, ignited a firestorm of chatter.

The picturesque setting of Ugep, Cross River State, served as the backdrop for their traditional union, an event that remained clandestine until then, hidden from the public eye.

The Cole family, in a Sunday statement, denounced the marriage.

Responding, Wofai Fada, had on the same day posted a video with the caption “Let love lead” on her 1.2 million followers’ Instagram page amidst controversies surrounding her marriage to Taiwo Cole.

Again on Monday, the actress declared that the union between her and her groom, Taiwo Cole shall be permanent.

In the Nigerian entertainment landscape, where the glitz of fame intertwines with the pressures of societal norms, PUNCH Online shines a spotlight on five remarkable personalities who defy age disparities in their unions.

Here are five popular Nigerian celebrities who married older women:

1. Peter and Lola Okoye:

Lola Okoye, who celebrated her 50th birthday on Friday, September 2, is the beloved wife of Peter Okoye, renowned as one half of the iconic musical duo, P Square.

Despite the nine-year age gap between them—Peter and his twin brother Paul were born on November 18, 1981, while Lola’s birthday falls on September 2, 1972—their love story blossomed over seven years before they exchanged vows in 2013.

Blessed with a son named Cameron and a daughter named Aliona, the Okoyes cherish their journey as a family.

Lola in 2021 noted her happiness about how the now-defunct music group, P-square, put their differences aside after a long musical fallout. https://punchng.com/im-happy-p-square-put-their-differences-aside-says-mr-ps-wife-lola/

2. Deola And Darey Art Alade:

Renowned R&B sensation Darey Art Alade found his forever partner in Deola, a dynamic serial entrepreneur when they tied the knot in February 2007.

Celebrating over 14 years of marriage, they have embraced their eight-year age difference with grace and contentment.

Darey once remarked, “No pressures at all! Everybody at some time finds what works for him or her.”

With two delightful children, Darey and Deola exemplify how love transcends age, demonstrating that happiness knows no bounds.

3. Mike Edwards and Perri Shakes-Drayton:

The love story of Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem runner-up, Mike Edwards, and British Olympian Perri is a tale of athletic prowess and enduring affection.

Married in 2019, they navigate life’s milestones with synchronicity, despite Perri being two years older than Mike.

Welcoming their son into the world, their bond is a testament to the depth of their connection and shared aspirations.

4. MC Fish and Anita Joseph:

Nigerian comedian MC Fish and Nollywood actress Anita Joseph share a love story that transcends age barriers.

Despite their eight-year age difference, the couple’s bond radiates joy and affection, evident in their expressive displays on social media.

While they haven’t welcomed a child together, Anita Joseph’s daughter from a previous relationship enriches their familial journey, emphasizing the beauty of blended families.

5. Joseph Ameh and Kaffy:

Renowned dancer, choreographer, and fitness coach Kaffy, known for her Guinness World Record achievement, embarked on a journey of love with Joseph Ameh, P Square’s drummer, in 2012.

Despite their eight-year age gap—Kaffy being the elder—life took an unexpected turn when Kaffy filed for divorce in January 2022, marking the end of their marital union.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that extramarital affairs allegations against Ameh played a vital part in the breakup.

Meanwhile, opinions on whether age is merely a number when it comes to marriage are as diverse as the individuals themselves.

In a PUNCH Online vox populi, a myriad of perspectives emerged, showcasing the wide spectrum of beliefs on the matter.

Some ardently advocate for the notion that age holds little significance, asserting that love knows no bounds and that compatibility transcends numerical differences.

Conversely, others contend that age disparity can pose challenges, emphasizing the importance of shared life experiences and developmental stages in a successful partnership.

Amidst these contrasting viewpoints, one thing remains clear: the concept of age in relation to marriage is a deeply personal and nuanced topic, reflecting the unique values and priorities of each individual.

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