Scientists Reveal Optimal Number of Daily Steps to Offset Sitting Down

By JESS COCKERILL, SCIENCE alert You’ve probably heard that adults should aim for 10,000 daily steps. This one-size-fits-all approach provides a clear message, though it doesn’t consider how varied human lifestyles and bodies are. An international team of researchers has found that even the

Pomp As Chisom Weds Heartthrob, Chris In Sugarland Texas

Last weekend witnessed large turnout as Chisom and Chris tied the knot at their colourful nuptials at Trinity Anglican Church Howell Sugarland, Texas, United States of America. Caption: Chisom and Chris dazzling the guests with their scintillating dance steps shortly.after their union was

Nigerian Lady Risks Jail Term Over Same Sex Marriage

From Paul Uyana, Owerri A thirty six year old lady, Jane Njoku, has been dragged to Court for violating Nigeria’s Anti-Gay law, which prohibits same sex marriage, following her proposal to another lady who she has been reportedly having affairs with. The Nigerian