25th June 2024
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AGN Warns Ahead of Jnr Pope’s Burial:, “No Unnecessary Pics & Videos”,Makes Preparations for Members

The Actors Guild of Nigeria has directed it members not to indulge in taking unnecessary pictures and videos during the funeral of late Jnr Pope. In a statement released, it stated that it was a sorrowful and devastating time, so members should behave well The guild made customised T-shirts for members who were going, and it provided buses for it members to attend the event.

Emekas Rollas, the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, has issued a stern warning to its members ahead of the funeral ceremony of its member, late Jnr Pope.

The family of the deceased actor had announced his rites in a poster made public. According to them, he would be laid to rest on May 17. In the message left for the members of the guild, it was stated that they should not take unnecessary pictures and videos during the ceremony.

AGN makes T-shirts Also in the statement, it said that the guild had made T-shirts for members in Enugu, Anambra, Abia, Imo and Delta state, who would be attending the burial. PAY ATTENTION: 2024 Business Leaders Awards – Find Out Business Names in Nigeria Driving Changes 30 representatives were chosen from each of the states mentioned, and buses were provided to convey them to the occasion. Recall that late Jnr Pope died in a boat mishap that took place while he was coming from a film shot in the riverine area.

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