25th June 2024
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Viral Tiktok Video Of Diabled Beggars, Criticized By Nigerians

Nigerians across social media are now reacting to the clip of beggars seen appealing to people on TikTok for alms.

The video, which was generated from one of the live done by the beggars, went viral on Thursday and has since then been discussed among Nigerians.

In the clip, the lead beggar who appeared to be disabled directed two others behind him who could barely walk too.

He was seen rolling on the floor and begging for gifts on the app in the Hausa Language.

However, not pleased with their action, some Nigerians have queried if someone was behind the account opening, using them to get sympathy and gifts from their unsuspecting victims.

D great Bundee, a user who tweeted on X with the handle #greatbundee, said, “Definitely a syndicate using handicaps to exploit people.”

Another user who tweeted anonymously as #Ojamzey said, “This is corporate begging.”

On X.com, a user #nanaquophie121 opined, “Top business strategy. Open a TikTok account for the disable. Let them go live and boom 60-40!”

A user on Facebook with the name Techy tech wrote, “All business Dey online now na, wetin Una Dey expect, don’t be surprise say den get manager.”

Another Facebook user, Punterian, said, “The ones that don’t need help are getting gifts, why won’t they get involved & benefit when na them be the actual beggars.”

“When they found out that the ones that don’t need help were gifted… so those who needed help had to step up,” Sperotti, a user on X, said.

“At this point, it’s clear it’s an organised crime,” Rocky Amartey said on Instagram.

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