25th June 2024

JUST IN: Delta State Government Puts Ban On Okada,Scrap Metal Scavenging To Enforce Peace,Security

Delta state government has banned the use of commercial motorcycles, otherwise known as “Okada” as a means of transportation within the state capital territory.

The state government also banned scrap metal scavenging, otherwise known as ‘iron condemn’, in the state capital, Asaba.

The Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Kingsley Emu, who spoke to reporters in Asaba, said the ban became necessary due high crime rate committed with Okada and reported cases of vandalism of public facilities by the scavengers.

He said the ban would take effect May 25 but strict enforcement would commence June 1, 2024.

The SSG clarified that the ban implied that no ‘iron condemn’ cart pusher would operate in any part of the State Capital Territory after May 31, 2024, adding that commercial motorcycle operations had also been prohibited in some parts of the Capital Territory not covered by the earlier ban.

He said an adequate sensitization campaign would be embarked upon before enforcement, adding that the ban was not targeted at any particular tribe, but in the interest of peace and security.

He said: “The biggest news on traffic regulations is the ban or prohibition of commercial motorcycles, popularly known as Okada, effective tomorrow. All Okada riders in Delta State capital territory area, all the streets, are banned forthwith.

“If you are caught, we will confiscate and destroy the okada as well as other massive sanctions in terms of fines and a possible jail term.

“This decision has become imperative arising from the huge security challenges that we have. Our people are openly violated, families are raped and the people who commit these crimes easily run away on Okada.

“In Delta Capital Territory Development area, it’s total and outright ban in all the areas. It is important that we do this to protect the lives and property of people.

“We understand that there are some few innocent people but the preponderance of crime being perpetrated with Okada has necessitated this decision. It has been a major issue at the Security Council meeting severally and, thereafter, Exco concluded today.

“There are also other designated streets in Ethiope East, Ika North East, Oshimili North, and South, Sapele, Uwvie, and Warri South Local Government Areas affected. These regulations have been enforced since 2012, 2013, and 2014, with improvements on them.

“But it has never been operational. All these regulations came at the peak of security challenges. When it was a little bit under control, it was relaxed and there were no strong sanctions to deter people. It has now become imperative that it must be enforced.

“We are going to give up till 31st of May for people to adjust and comply. Effective June 1st, all the security agencies will be engaged to enforce compliance. We will crush all the seized Okadas in the public place.

“Oshimili North and South have also, in their respective By-laws, banned ‘iron condemn’ or scrap metal scavenging. Effective tomorrow, we expect them to wind down their activities and as of the 1st of June, enforcement will start.

“We do know the type of havoc these people have brought to the system, how our transformer cables have been vandalised, and even assets in our private homes.

“We cannot fold our hands as a state. Laws are always made in the interest of the larger population. We will give enough notice to them. We will publicise all the streets involved.”

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