Russia-Ukraine War Affects Bulgaria, Africa, World – Envoy

Russia’s war in Ukraine is having a negative effect on not only the Balkan states but also on Africa and the rest of the world as well, says the Bulgarian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Yanko Yardonov. Yordanov expressed this thought in an interview

Ukraine: European Oil Embargo Would Hit Everyone, Russia Warns

Russian President Vladimir Putin An embargo on Russian oil imports, pushed for by some European countries over Moscow’s military action in Ukraine, would have a direct impact on everyone, the Kremlin said Monday. Some EU countries including Baltic states have called for an

Top Putin Ally Says Ukraine War Has Been Slower Than Expected

President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies said Russia’s military operation in Ukraine had not all gone as quickly as wanted, the strongest public acknowledgment yet from Moscow that things were not going to plan. National Guard chief Viktor Zolotov, speaking at a church service

No Reason For UN peacekeepers To Be Sent To Ukraine – Russia

Russia President,Vladimir Putin Russia sees no reason for United Nations peacekeepers to be sent to Ukraine, RIA news agency quoted the Russian foreign ministry as saying. A new round of talks between Russia and Ukraine will be held via video link. Earlier presidential

RUSSIA ACCUSES U.S Of Funding Biological Weapons Resarch In Rearch

Russian President Vladimir Putin Russia on Thursday accused the United States of funding research into the development of biological weapons in Ukraine, as Moscow stepped up its campaign to gain control of key Ukrainian cities. Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said during

Russia Will Stop Military Operations Immediately If … — Putin’s Aide, Peskov

Russia will immediately stop its military operations if the Ukrainian authorities amend their country’s constitution to abandon their ambition to enter “any bloc,” and recognise the Crimean referendum and the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). The Russian

Ukraine, Russia Prepare For 3rd Round Of Peace Talks

Ukraine and Russia are  expected to meet for third round of negotiations, which both sides had said could take place on Monday. The location and exact time of the talks is not mention yet. The two delegations last met in the Brest region