25th June 2024
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Netizens Blast Organisers Over AMVCA Funke Akindele’s loss

Despite being nominated in multiple categories, including Best Makeup, Best Writing in a Movie, Best Lead Actress, Best Movie, and Best Supporting Actor, Funke Akindele’s blockbuster and record breaking movie, ‘A Tribe of Judah’, failed to take home any award. 

Akindele’s film was the first Nigerian movie to gross over N1 billion in cinema last December.

As reported by The Nation, ‘Breath Of Life’ was the biggest winner of the night, snagging six awards, including Best Movie, Best Sound Design, Best Director (BB Sasore), Best Lead Actor (Wale Ojo), Best Supporting Actor (Ademola Adedoyin), Best Supporting Actress (Genoveva Umeh), and Trailblazer (Chimezie Imo)

While some defended the verdicts of the organisers, others disagreed by stating that Funke Akindele was ‘snubbed’ by the organisers. 

@lil_maamiii wrote: “I don’t want to hear anything like Funke Akindele was robbed oo, when she bagged all the awards with “Omo ghetto the saga” nobody remembered Robbery oo, so please let Breath of life BREATHE!!!!!”

@EbongDi stated: “I told my wife early this year that Funke Akindele’s “A Tribe of Judah” may have grossed the highest earnings of a movie in Nigeria, “Breath of Life” was a better movie by a mile. Breath of life was shoulders ahead of any movie in Nigeria in 2023. I was so glad I watched it.”

@TosinOlugbenga wondered: “Wetin Funke Akindele do them? They’re actually snubbing her. No industry achievement award? With her highest grossing movie of all time? Twice in a row.. in two years.”

@The_BoluTife wrote: “Kehinde Bankole winning over Funke Akindele… Hmmmmm Her Performance in Adire is not close to what Funke did in ATCJ But Kehinde is great actress!”

@abazwhylllz declared:“A Tribe Called Judah is my own movie of the year. Keep your head high Funke Akindele.”

@EObaniyi argued: “Award or not, Funke Akindele is the best in the game.”

@PoojaMedia wrote: “A Tribe Called Judah didn’t win any award. Wow”

@Wizkidfc insisted : “A Tribe Called Judah is my own Best Movie. Funke Akindele take your flowers.”

@EngOguns wrote, “I’m not even that mad that A Tribe Called Judah was snubbed in all categories. I’m livid because not once did they mention the 1B milestone.. It’s obvious that #AMVCA10 no longer f*ck with Funke Akindele.”

@PureMind_ asserted, “The money Funke Akindele made from ‘A Tribe called Judah’ must have rattled a lot of people for this level of hate.”

@Ifeobayeji wrote, “Anyway, Kehinde had a better performance than Funke if we compare both movies [‘Adire’ and ‘A Tribe Called Judah’]. But how ‘Breath of Life’ won best movie over ATCJ [‘A Tribe Called Judah’] is shocking.”

@Kumms argued, “‘Breath of Life’ is a better movie than ‘A Tribe Called Judah’ on every metric.”

@MissyKobell opined, “‘A Tribe Called Judah’ is better than ‘Adire’ sha… You can’t beat Funke Akindele in a category if we are being hones

@tianaadebayo wrote, “‘A Tribe Called Judah’ by Funke Akindele gave us what we have always known in a different way but ‘Breath Of Life’ storyline was awesome.. it’s a well deserved win for ‘Breath Of Life’ and that doesn’t mean that Funke Akindele isn’t a winner.. she is now and always.”

@The_Bolutife wrote, “Second year that Funke Akindele’s blockbuster movie didn’t win any awards. Something is fishing.”

@PureMinD__ wrote: “The money Funke Akindele made from “A Tribe called Judah” must have rattled a lot of people for this level of hate.”

@Iam_bibi0 wrote: “Funke Akindele is one woman army, She has done a lot for her career Award or not she is the best in her category. I’m glad everyone recognized her hard work and gave her the flowers she deserves. Congratulations to all those that won tonight.”

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