25th June 2024

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent, known for its diverse cultures, landscapes, and wildlife.

 It’s home to some of the oldest civilisations, stunning natural wonders like the Sahara Desert and Victoria Falls, and a rich tapestry of languages and traditions. 

 Africa, a home to 57 countries, is a continent abundant in natural resources, yet it’s often linked with an economy in decline, particularly due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts within its nations, and disruptions in global supply chains.

However, contrary to this prevailing narrative, many African economies demonstrate resilience. Below is the list of top ten countries with the highest currency in Africa compared to the US Dollar: 

1. Tunisian Dinar (Tunisia) Currency Name: DinarCode: TNDCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = 3.14 

2.  Libyan Dinar (Libya) Currency Name: DinarCode: LYDCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = 4.86 

3. Moroccan Dirham (Morocco) Currency Name: DirhamCode: MADCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = DH 10.02 

4. Botswana Pula (Botswana) Currency Name: PulaCode: BWPCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = 13.61 

5.  Seychellois Rupee (Seychelles) Currency Name: Seychellois RupeeCode: SCR Current Exchange Rate: $1 = SRe 13.86 

 6.Ghanaian Cedi (Ghana) Currency Name: CediCode: GHCCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = GH₵ 13.89 

 7. Eritrean Nakfa (Eritrea) Currency Name: NakfaCode: ERNCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = Nfk 15.00 

 8. South African Rand (South African) Currency Name: RandCode: ZARCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = R 18.35 

 9. Zambian Kwacha (Zambia) Currency Name: KwachaCode: ZMWCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = ZK 27.37 

 10. Egyptian Pound (Egypt) Currency Name: Egyptian PoundCode: EGPCurrent Exchange Rate: $1 = E£ 47. 40

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